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After Charging That Israel Launched War, Reuters ‘Adds Context’ of Hamas’ Oct. 7 Invasion

Reuters 'adds context' about Hamas' massive Oct. 7 attacks to a Facebook post which cites 'the war Israel launched against Hamas.' While the inclusion

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The Death Of Mainstream Media Credibility

If the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war has reiterated any one point – besides the fact that the Arab world will never leave the Israelis to enjoy peace in the land the international community codified to them in 1947 – it is this. No one, anywhere, believes

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Reuters Parrots Palestinian Historical Revisionism in Archaeology Report

In its brief report on a recent archaeological discovery in Gaza, Reuters not only reported the facts but also uncritically provided a platform for inane

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Reuters Corrects: Ancient Jewish Temples Were Located On Temple Mount | CAMERA

CAMERA prompts correction after Reuters qualified the historical fact that the Jewish temples were located on the Temple Mount as unverified, citing 'The site,

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Reuters Photo Caption Fail: Israel 'Bombs' Palestinian Buildings

Israel demolished Palestinian buildings in the village of Sur Baher using bulldozers and munitions, not "bombing" them as Reuters photo captions claim.