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Muslim Students Demand that University Cancel Showings of ‘American Sniper’ | Top Right News

A Muslim student activist started the campus controversy when she declared showing the film on campus would make her feel “unsafe” and demanded an “apology and explanation” as to how and why the movie was even selected for Mizzou audiences.

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Clint Eastwood cut American Sniper's final scene after request from widow | Film | The Guardian

The team behind Iraq war drama American Sniper edited last reel of narrative following a request from Chris Kyle’s family

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Why the Left Hates American Sniper | New York Observer

What American Sniper is really about is the battle by decent men against truly dark forces of wickedness. American Sniper is a film of soaring patriotism and an ode to our courageous military. For too long Americans have lived with only two percent of the population losing arms and legs and dying so that the other ninety-eight percent can be safe and free. If we’re not going to copy the heroes of the military at least we can salute them.

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Russell Brand: Americans Need Guns, Chris Kyle Because They're Afraid

Russell Brand said Americans were motivated by a

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Flashback: Clint Eastwood to Michael Moore: 'I'll Kill You'

Remember that time when Clint Eastwood threatened Michael Moore on-stage. Only Mr. Eastwood could get away with it, and appear to not be joking at the same time.