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Amazon's Bezos, Microsoft-backed 'green' deals that can actually save the planet | Fox Business

Unlike the Green New Deal, this clean-energy save-the-world initiative backed by real 'green' money -- from Bezos and Microsoft -- could become a reality.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's Parents Could Be Worth Millions | Money

In 1995, Jackie and Mike Bezos invested in their son Jeff Bezos's e-commerce company. The parents of the Amazon CEO could be worth millions.

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Washington Post senior editor: Trump is jealous of Jeff Bezos

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher said Sunday that President Trump has “a jealousy issue” with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tops Forbes’ billionaire list as Trump slides again | Fox Business

The Amazon founder officially dethrones Bill Gates for top spot, while President Trump slips again, falling for the second year running.