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Our mental self-portraits contain clues about our personalities – Research Digest

By Emma Young. The findings are important not just for understanding how we all see ourselves, but could also be useful for studies into body image disorders

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The Key Role of Body Image in Happy Relationships | Psychology Today

Feeling comfortable in your own skin would seem to be an important contributor to happiness. New research shows body image also affects relationship quality.

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Style blogger Katie Sturino recreates celebrity outfits - Business Insider

Katie Sturino started her fashion blog in 2015 to help people find style inspiration, but it has since turned into something much bigger than that.

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Body Image Problems Tied to Alcohol Issues

New research finds that body image misconceptions among teen-aged girls are associated with alcohol consumption. Notably, teen girls who report and act on

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The Female Body Shape Men Find Most Attractive - PsyBlog

From Texas to Tehran and from Dakar to Beijing, the results were the same.

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This woman had the “perfect body.” But this photo caused a worldwide uproar.

With one picture she is changing the world.

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The Biggest Photoshop Controversies

We look back on the most recent retouching scandals and the women who spoke out.