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Jonathan Sacks – Minority Rights BEHAR

Jonathan Sacks – Minority Rights BEHAR One of the most striking features of the Torah is its emphasis on love of, and vigilance toward, the ger, the stranger: Do not oppress a stranger; you yourselves know how it feels to be strangers, because you

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Note by Underground USA on Substack

“...only 29% of students said a speaker who viewed transgender people as having a mental disorder or who viewed ‘Black Lives Matter’ as a hate group should be allowed to speak. Only 43% said an advocate for the abolition of abortion should be allowe

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Today, Little Johnny Identifies As A Baseball Bat

To say that the ideological Left has transformed itself from a group that championed tolerance and acceptance to an intolerant gaggle of full-on extremist, illogical bullies would be the understatement of the millennium. No better example exists to illust

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Are We Really As Free As We Are Led To Believe?

Politicians and ideologically-based special interest groups are quick to tell us that we are “free” in the United States. True, the citizens of the United States exist in a state that is much freer in comparison to most nations around the world. But w

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Time for a New Declaration of Independence?

Hillary Clinton signed off on delivering the Russia hoax to the FBI. Hooray. I have a hard time getting excited about something that matters so little.

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PODCAST INTERVIEW: Freedom of Religion?

For what amounts to a lifetime, the ideological Left has created the myth that neither politics nor religion should be discussed in "polite company." But the fact of the matter is this. Because our society has fallen for this spiritual hobbling because th

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Canadian Court Makes Freedom Convoy Organizer a Political Prisoner

In Justin Trudeau’s quest to usher in a fascist-Left totalitarian state – more in line with the goals of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset than with the traditional freedoms embraced by the Canadian people, an Ontario court has issued a ruling

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Far-Left Sets the Stage to Claim the Midterms Will Be Illegitimate; Attack Filibuster Critics

It’s rather like a spoiled child who doesn’t get his way; who, because he has been bested in a game, upends the board and declares the rules weren’t fair from the beginning. So it is with congressional Democrats and the Biden administration in their

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The Left’s Abandonment of ‘Inclusion & Tolerance’

A new survey conducted by the Heartland Institute, in conjunction with Rasmussen Reports, illustrates just how far the Left has moved away from freedom in general, and their multi-decade mantra of tolerance and inclusion. In the survey, almost half (49 pe

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Woke Florida County Commissioners Refuse to Affirm the US Bill of Rights

In a move that betrays our nation’s founding documents, the Collier County Florida County Board of Commissioners defeated a proposal that...

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PODCAST: The Absolute Cowardice of Some on the Collier County Florida Board of Commissioners

It should be a moot point. Shouldn't every county in every state across the nation already be a sanctuary state for the Bill of Rights? We really shouldn't need to declare such a sanctuary, but with Marxists on the March, true public servants would want t

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When Did Our Right to Be Left Alone End?

It doesn’t take a social scientist to realize that our culture has moved away from individualism. Our society has been moving away from...

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Podcast | Underground USA | United States

An irreverent, brutally truthful, fact-based podcast. Not to get biblical sounding, but it is done. We now have a President Biden and a cast of radical Left wing Marxist-Progressives in our Executive Branch administration whose goal is to embrace the Grea

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This Thanksgiving, give thanks for private property rights

In most of our lives, private ownership makes political arguments unnecessary.

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Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe

When Philip Poniz opened Box 105 at his local Wells Fargo, he discovered it was empty — and that he was totally unprotected by federal law.

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How To Talk To Your Kids About Their Rights If They're Stopped By Police

Here's how to talk to your children about their rights, how to show respect to the police, and the hard truth that officers sometimes abuse their power.

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Actually, hate speech is protected speech - LA Times

Here are the most popular slogans about speech, and why they're wrong

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The Day Peruvian Women Rebelled

How social media helped a movement against sexual harassment and domestic violence break the taboo of silence.