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There Is No Way To 'Fix' The Equality Act. It's Harmful No Matter What

It's not possible to both uphold the U.S. Constitution and the identity politics regime. The two are fundamentally reconcilable. I choose freedom.

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What the Equality Act could mean for Catholics

Legal experts on Monday explained how the Equality Act could threaten the integrity of Catholic parishes, charities, and schools.

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How The Equality Act Would Legalize Religious Bigotry

The Equality Act explicitly targets the Bible, calling it a bigoted document filled with discriminatory stereotypes. It would also ban religious ceremonies.

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When Did Our Right to Be Left Alone End?

It doesn’t take a social scientist to realize that our culture has moved away from individualism. Our society has been moving away from...

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House Passes 'Equality Act'; Issues Regarding Transgender Policy Questions Left Unaddressed

The highly contentious Equality Act was advanced out of the House in a party-line vote. The a bill proponents say would prohibit...

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The Orwellian 'Equality Act' Passed the House. Here Are 6 Reasons We Must Stop it in the Senate

The Orwellian "Equality Act" would gut religious freedom and give special status to LGBT people, an inherently unequal move.

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With The 'Equality Act,' The Democratic Party Has Again Proven That It Is An Anti-Science, Anti-Woman Cult

On Friday, the House passed the Equality Act, which ostensibly outlaws "discrimination" based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Every Democrat voted in favor of the radical, anti-science bill.

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Why The So-Called Equality Act Is A Bait-and-Switch Power Grab

The ‘Equality’ Act doesn’t protect anybody. It undermines human freedom and dignity by legally stripping Americans across the board of inalienable rights.