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Should Julie Be My Matchmaker? | Julie Ferman Associates

Could you and I make magic together? Am I the right matchmaker for you? Let's find out.

Advice & Self-Help | dating, relationships

Dating Success Stories During the Pandemic Era

Can people date successfully during the COVID-19 era? Yes, indeed. Here is a real-life example of how one couple is gracefully overcoming the hurdles, making a meaningful connection, even now.

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Opinion | Single at 38? Have That Baby

The hardest thing about parenting alone isn’t doing it but deciding to do it.

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The New Science of Single People -- Science of Us

Now that single people are such a big share of the population, maybe social scientists will stop ignoring them.

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After breakup, her crash course in returning to the JDate scene

I thought I had it all. The perfect Jewish boyfriend, a brag-worthy job that

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The League: Invite-only dating app draws wait list of 75K people

The League is a new dating app that claims it will help you find the right partner, provided you fit in. Like a lot of other dating sites, it's free to join, but unlike others, good luck getting in. It already has a wait list of 75,000 people. Anna Werner

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Congress has a Constitution problem — many don’t understand document & testing

Each of them takes an oath to defend the Constitution, but many House lawmakers either don’t understand the founding document or don’t take its precepts seriously, according to an analysis by & test – this