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Exercise reduces stress, improves cellular health in family caregivers

Exercising at least three times a week for six months reduced stress in a group of family caregivers and even appeared to lengthen a small section of their chromosomes that is believed to slow cell…

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What to Do If You Get Sick on Vacation

A guide to getting well in another country, when you don’t have the comforts of home, don’t speak the language, and don’t know the local health-care system.

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Don't Look Up: 'Astonishing Number' Of Viruses Float Down On Us From The Sky

"Fresh air" may not be so fresh after all. A new study finds that millions of viruses and bacteria are swept into the atmosphere and travel long distances before eventually falling back down to earth. 

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Do Seasonal Allergies Make You More Likely to Get Sick?

An allergist explains how those with allergies can take steps to avoid summer colds.

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Holy Herbs Frankincense and Myrrh May Cure Cancer

Frankincense and myrrh are aromatic herbs. They can strongly disperse congealed blood, and direct it to descend and are very effective for relieving pain

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Assisted-death bill approved by California Senate - LA Times

After a debate marked by raw and personal tales of loss, the state Senate on Thursday advanced a proposal to allow terminally ill Californians to end their lives with drugs prescribed by physicians.

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Joint Pain, From the Gut

Scientists don't know what causes rheumatoid arthritis, but many suspect that the microbiome—the bacteria that live in our gastrointesntial tracts—may be to blame.

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First evidence of neuroinflammation in brains of chronic pain patients

A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital investigators has found, for the first time, evidence of neuroinflammation in key regions of the brains of patients with chronic pain. By showing that levels of an inflammation-linked protein are elevated in

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Depression May Be Caused by Inflammation

Researchers have found evidence that a common immune response could be the cause of a common mental illness.

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Is Cancer Risk Mostly Affected By Genes, Lifestyle, Or Just Plain Bad Luck?

Experts say the findings highlight “the importance of secondary prevention, like early detection.”

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Many Docs Mistaken About Allergies: Study

Survey results show lots of primary care physicians lack knowledge of causes, treatments

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How Tom the Cat Brings Comfort to Dying Patients With His Calming Presence - ABC News

Tom is responsible for many comforting stories since arriving at the VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia, in May 2012.

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Brain Scans Show Fibromyalgia Patients Process Pain Differently

Activity in certain regions suggests why they're less able to prepare for pain or respond to pain relief