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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Genesis, Genetics, and AI

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Genesis, Genetics, and AI Around the world, more and more people are worried that artificial intelligence (AI) will render vast swaths of humanity unemployed. As Jews once again start the annual Bible cycle reading with Bre

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The world's largest Alzheimer's study has made a gene discovery that could lead to treatments

The discovery could lead to potential future targeted therapies and treatments for this brain disorder.

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Depression: A Family Affair

Can depression be passed on to future generations, and if it can, how can treatment help?

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NIMH » Large-Scale Genetics Study Sheds Light on Developmental Origins of Autism

Researchers were able to identify different types of rare genetic variations associated with autism spectrum disorder by analyzing data shared via the NIMH-funded Autism Sequencing Consortium.

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Everything You Need to Know About Genetic Testing | WIRED

Everything you need to know about DNA, medical breakthroughs, and genetic privacy.

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23andMe Confirmed My Mother's Suspicions: My Three Grandfathers

Mama was in her 70s before she discovered the true story of her conception.

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The US Urgently Needs New Genetic Privacy Laws | WIRED

The laws governing DNA data in the US are patchy and incomplete. Yet people keep putting their DNA on the internet, compromising everyone's genetic anonymity.

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Genetic research: almost 25% of Latinos, Hispanics have Jewish DNA - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Unprecedented genetic research undertaken by dozens of professors from around the world has provided evidence that almost a quarter of Latinos and Hispanics have significant Jewish DNA.

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A Blended Family: Her Mother Was Neanderthal, Her Father Something Else Entirely - The New York Times

Genetic analysis of bones discovered in a Siberian cave hints that the prehistoric world may have been filled with “hybrid” humans.

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Swift Gene-Editing Method May Revolutionize Treatments for Cancer and Infectious Diseases - The New York Times

Scientists report that they have discovered a way to tweak genes in the body’s immune cells by using electrical fields.

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How One Child’s Sickle Cell Mutation Helped Protect the World From Malaria - The New York Times

The genetic mutation arose 7,300 years ago in just one person in West Africa, scientists reported on Thursday. Its advantage: a shield against rampant malaria.

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In the DNA of an ancient infant, scientists find traces of the very first Americans - LA Times

All Native American ancestry can be traced to the same source population from a single migration event. Scientists came to this conclusion by analyzing the DNA of a baby girl who lived in Alaska about 11,500 years ago.

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Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body

The human body makes tens of thousands of cellular proteins, each for a particular task. Now researchers have learned to create custom versions not found in nature.

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New Genetic Associations for Parkinson's Disease Identified

Scientists at 23andMe and Genentech have identified 17 new genetic variants associated with Parkinson’s disease, almost doubling the total number of known risk variants for the condition, which gives scientists hints at potential new targets for drugs t

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Experiences in Childhood Can Alter Your DNA For The Rest of Your Life

Childhood is a defining period in anybody's life, but for many of us it seems those early life experiences could change the body right down to a genetic level.

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Ancient Egyptian mummy genomes suggest an increase of Sub-Saharan African ancestry in post-Roman periods : Nature Commun

Archaeological and historical records had shown ancient Egypt before and after Ptolemaic and Roman periods to be a hub of human migration and exchange.

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How a Single Gene Could Become a Volume Knob for Pain—and End America's Opioid Epidemic | WIRED

Her skin is perpetually on fire. He can't even feel a bone break. Together they might hold the key to ending America's opioid epidemic.

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Depression could be linked to single gene, say Dutch scientists

A gene has been linked to depression in a study which researchers hope will shed light on the little-understood condition. To investigate the mental illness which affects over 300million people worldwide, researchers studied the genetic makeup of a group

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‘Bad luck’ with random DNA errors is responsible for two-thirds of cancer mutations, study says

Even in a world with a pristine environment, no cigarettes and the ability to fix faulty genes inherited from our parents, most cancers still would occur thanks to biology and bad luck.

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Your coffee habit may be written in your DNA

Why is it that some people crave several cups of coffee a day while others stop at only one or two?

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Test Your Genes to Find Your Best Diet

To find your best diet, a handful of companies and clinics offer nutritional genetic testing, aimed at revealing what nutrients you may be missing and if you’re drinking too much coffee.

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23andMe data points to genes affecting depression risk

A comprehensive scan of human DNA has turned up 15 regions linked to depression — which may help uncover clues to the biology of the disease.

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Scientists Have Grown ‘Dinosaur Legs’ On A Chicken For The Very First Time

Genetic scientists have successfully grown ‘dinosaur legs’ on chicken embryos for the very time. “These studies are not aimed at producing dinosaurs for commercial or non-scientific purposes, as in the Jurassic Park series,” the s

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Genetic Testing That Is Providing Answers to Autism

Genetic testing shows that autism symptoms can be linked to genetic mutations.

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How Our Brains Respond to Race

New research shows that the brain’s response to faces of different races develops at a young age

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The case against equality of opportunity

It's a morally toxic goal. The sooner we stop pursuing it, the better.

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Scientists Learn How Genes Can Jump Between Species

Scientists have discovered a way by which genes from one species can jump directly into another species—nature’s way of creating genetically modified organisms.

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Gene study confirms low Vitamin D, multiple sclerosis link

From Yahoo News: A major genetic study Tuesday confirmed a link between low vitamin D and a higher risk of multiple sclerosis, a finding which experts say could lead to better treatment and prevention. Previous observational studies have found an associat

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Gene study confirms low Vitamin D, multiple sclerosis link

A major genetic study Tuesday confirmed a link between low vitamin D and a higher risk of multiple sclerosis, a finding which experts say could lead to better treatment and prevention. Previous observational studies have found an association between a per

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Science Finds Even More Evidence That Anxiety Isn't Just 'All In Your Head'

One of the largest misconceptions about anxiety is that the disorder is something people "bring upon themselves," a concept that is as malignant as it is incorrect. Adding to the evidence against this

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Yes, You Are Probably Biased

Scientific evidence declares that prejudice is an inherent part of every person; we are genetically wired to be racist, sexist, ethnocentric, etc. However, does that justify the discrimination and consequential brutality that are so rife in our society? T

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Genes may influence leadership in the workplace, research finds

The right genes may help you become an organization's next president or CEO. But the same genes may also hinder your leadership path, according to Kansas State University psychological sciences research.

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Grandma's Experiences Leave Epigenetic Mark on Your Genes

Your ancestors' lousy childhoods or excellent adventures might change your personality, bequeathing anxiety or resilience by altering the epigenetic expressions of genes in the brain.

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High Blood Pressure Pictures: Symptoms, Causes, Tests and Treatments

See inside the arteries where high blood pressure can lurk without outward symptoms. WebMD explains the causes, tests, treatments, and remedies to stop this

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Is Cancer Risk Mostly Affected By Genes, Lifestyle, Or Just Plain Bad Luck?

Experts say the findings highlight “the importance of secondary prevention, like early detection.”