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Guy Installs See-Through Ceiling In His Shop So His Cats Can Watch Him - The Dodo

Plenty of stores have security cameras, but one shop in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is taking a slightly different approach — by employing some watchful cats.

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Want Better Rapport With Your Cat? Bat Your Eyes | Health News | US News

US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics, business, health, and education.

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After Years of Caring for and find homes for Cats, Cancer Patient's Home In Danger Of Foreclosure

I have recently come into incredibly hard times.  I was diagnosed with … Cheryl Orlinsky needs your support for Cancer Patient's Home In Danger Of Foreclosure

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Dog Is Too Polite To Ask Cat To Get Out Of His Bed

Cash has always been a very polite dog, so whenever he sees his sister using his bed, he's not sure how to ask her to move.

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Dennis Quaid adopts cat also named Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid adopted a shelter cat named Dennis Quaid and this makes us happy.

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Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

The companionship of a pet can be an invaluable tool bringing purpose and engagement for people of all ages, and especially for seniors. Learn about the benefits of pet therapy for seniors.

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Dog and cat Google searches surge to new high during COVID-19 crisis

Have you blindly typed "cat" or "dog" into Google lately? So has everyone else.

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Pets on conference calls, napping on laptops, stealing socks and social distancing with us

We asked Coloradans to send us photos of their pets during the quarantine. Here they are social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Free Busch Beer for Fostering or Adopting a Shelter Dog | Mental Floss

If getting to play with a lovable pup isn’t enough of an incentive to foster or adopt a shelter dog, Busch is throwing in a bonus.

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8 tips for adopting your dog or cat soul mate | Best Friends Animal Society

Pet matchmaking advice from experts at Best Friends on how to find the dog or cat of your dreams

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New Law May Give Tax Break For People Who Adopt Animals

A new law under consideration in New York State would give up to a $125 tax credit per pet for owners who adopt animals from shelters.

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Euthanasia Rates in Animal Shelters Are Plummeting—Here's Why | Mental Floss

Animal shelters in major American cities have seen a vast increase in adoption rates in the past decade.

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This photographer wrangles his pet cats to create surreal family vacation photos

Photo retoucher Jim Lind's cats wind up in (mock) precarious situations in "Family Vacation."

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Cat Heart Disease & Congestive Failure: Warning Signs & Treatment

Let’s go over what to know about heart disease in cats, whether cats have heart attacks, and what you can do to prevent them. ✓ Learn more with Pets Best!

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Delaware Becomes First No-Kill State for Animal Shelters

Delaware is making history as the first and only no-kill animal shelter state in the country, according to Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit animal welfare organization.

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You really shouldn’t declaw your cat. Do this instead. | Popular Science

Declawing a cat can lead to much bigger problems than scratched furniture. Read on.

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Cat Eye Problems: Squinting, Cloudy Eye & Other Injury Issues

Cat eye problems are one of the most common health issues that felines face & can cause permanent damage if left untreated. ✓ Learn more with Pets Best!

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12-Year-Old Is Making Bow Ties for Shelter Dogs In Order To Help Them Find Their Forever Homes

According to Beaux and Paws founder Darius Brown, it’s hard to resist adopting a shelter dog wearing a bow tie.

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Stress Lessens from Just 10 Minutes of Time with Animals

Researchers from Washington State University have found objective, physiological evidence that just 10 minutes spent petting a cat or dog will lower stress levels.

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Veterinary Cannabis Researchers Attend ACVIM 2019

CCUSA staff attended the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum, a conference on the latest scientific research for veterinary professionals.

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Cat Declawing Is Banned by New York State Lawmakers - The New York Times

The measure is for people who “think their furniture is more important than their cat,” a supporter said. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo would have to sign it.

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Grumpy Cat found quick success. Other celebrity pets might have it harder - CNN

Grumpy Cat has died, but she left quite a legacy. She's one of the first pets to make big money for its owner as a successful influencer.

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Grumpy Cat, the internet's most famous cat, dead at 7 - CNN

Grumpy Cat, arguably the internet's most popular cat and one of its first viral memes, has died aged 7.

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Cats rival dogs on many tests of social smarts. But is anyone brave enough to study them? | Science | AAAS

Social cognition researchers are finally probing the secrets of the feline mind—when the cats deign to cooperate

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5 Ways You Can Support Your Local Animal Shelters | Mental Floss

Whether or not you're ready to commit to adding a new member to your family, there are plenty of ways to support shelters on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

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For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors

At least one running argument among cat lovers is now over: Whiskers, Lucy and Tigger are definitely better off staying indoors, scientists reported Wednesday. Pet cats allowed outdoors, in fact, are nearly three times as likely to become infected with p

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Cats Recognize Their Own Names—Even If They Choose to Ignore Them - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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Family Uses Special Sling For Needy Senior Siamese Cat With Arthritis - The Dodo

"He follows my mum around the house miaowing till she strokes him so she thought this would help."

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Inseparable Dog and Cat Best Friends Surrendered in the Same Carrier Now Have New Home Together

Shelter workers said Kitty the cat would yell anytime she was separated from Leila the dog

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Cat found safe after going on a ride under hood of car | abc7.com

A cat is safe after going on a ride under the hood of a car. Kaleah Michelle tweeted a video along with a message saying "I was driving and heard a 'meow' and look what we found".

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‘It Takes Just Five Minutes To Save A Cat’s Life’: How To Protect Feral Cats During The Dangerous Cold Spell

The dangerously-cold temperatures plaguing Chicago this week could be deadly for many outdoor creatures, including the estimated 200,000  feral cats that live in the Chicago area.

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25 Interesting Facts About Cats You May Not Have Known

Aside from fish, cats are the most popular pet of choice in American households today. Approximately 94 million cats in the United States are the proud owners of humans, and we wouldn't have it any

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Kitten Hilariously Learns That the Floating Triangles Reflected in the Mirror Are Attached to Her Head

While sitting on her human's bed, a funny little Scottish straight kitten named Mimo spotted a couple of floating triangles reflected in the dresser

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A Determined Bunny Tenaciously Digs at the Dirt in an Effort to Free a Kitten Trapped Behind a Wall

A determined little bunny who grew very concerned about a feline friend who was stuck behind a corrugated wall, tenaciously dug at the dirt and pushed it

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7 Facts About Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll cat can be described in three words: big, beautiful, and friendly.

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Environmentalists: To Save The World, Dump Your Pets

According to a study out Monday on global climate change, your dog (or your cat) is probably killing the environment, and if you want to stem the tide of global warming, it's time to say "good-bye" to Fido and Fluffy.

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Study Reveals Surprising Reason Behind Feline Obesity

A stunning 1 in 5 cat owners, when surveyed, didn't know this about feeding their pet; further, 1 in 4 owners admit their pet has food-related medical problems.

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New FDA Warning About Flea And Tick Medications

The FDA has issued a warning about flea and tick medications - finally! So, what are they saying, and which drugs are listed as dangerous?

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5 Lessons That My Cats Taught Me

The best lessons in life can be learned by living with and observing cats. Cats are great companions but they don’t just provide comfort, cats can really teach us a lot about how we go about living our best lives.

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Good Samaritan arrested after helping animals survive Florence

A woman was taken into custody after providing care to more than two dozen animals – 17 cats and 10 dogs – for owners who had to evacuate.

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Wisconsin man naps with cats at animal sanctuary, goes viral | Fox News

A 75-year-old retired Spanish teacher in Green Bay, Wisconsin, made headlines this week after he was documented taking cat naps -- with actual cats.

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How You Can Help Animals Affected by Hurricane Florence | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Why Do Cats Meow at Humans? | Psychology Today

Have you ever seen your cat at meow at other cats? Probably not. But your cat meows at you, right? Sometimes non-stop? There's a reason for this.

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How do cats contribute to your health and well-being?

Cats are loved for their elegance, their calming purrs, and the sweetness of their cuddles, but do you know how they can actually improve your health?

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10 Tips To Help Your Senior Cat

Senior cats do not express pain the way people do. They suffer everything in silence and need help from their human owners.

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Survey: Pet Owners Happier, Wealthier, More Fit Than Non-Owners - Study Finds

If you think pets are the pits, you may not be living to your potential. A new survey finds that people who own pets are happier, earn more money, and exercise more frequently than those who don't.

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Historic Cat Photos on International Cat Day - The Atlantic

Fashions and technologies may change over time, but cats never go out of style.

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A veterinarian explains what dog and cat years really mean | Popular Science

It may seem like sort of a silly thing to ponder, born out of owners’ love for their pets and the human-animal bond between them. But determining a pet’s “real” age is actually important because it helps veterinarians like me recommend life-stage

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6 Reasons Pets Are Good Therapy for Mental Health | The Mighty

A woman living with bipolar disorder describes six reasons why pets are fantastic therapy for mental health.

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Liquid Cats That Take Shape of Their Containers

Once you realize all cats are actually liquid, you'll never see world the same way as before.

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The Effective Pain Treatment Your Vet May Not Want to Talk About

Studies show it's useful for managing pain due to arthritis, and pet owners are even reporting success with anxiety, behavior issues and seizure disorders.

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Valley of the Ragdolls

They’re floppy, relaxed, and they come when you call them. Is the Ragdoll a genetic miracle, or just one very cool cat?

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Signs that your cat definitely owns you

Anyone who owns a cat knows one thing for sure: you do NOT own that cat. You are just a host who is ensuring that the cat enjoys living at your home. Your cat actually owns you and you are her servant!

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This Is How To Tell If Your Cat Misses You

If you have pets, then you know that going on vacation can be a little bittersweet. Sure, it's great to get away from everything, relax, and go on some new adventures, but it's also really hard to take a break from your little fur babies! You miss th…

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Much Love Animal Rescue | adopt. adopt. adopt.

Much Love Animal Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals from the streets and shelters of Los Angeles and place them in loving homes. Much Love is a 100% non-profit organization run primarily by dedicated volunteers who offer their time and resources to house, train, transport and care for these animals. Since its inception in 1999, Much Love has placed over 3,500 animals into loving homes.

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Watch Butcher Politely Show Meat Cat Before Giving it a Free Sample

Even though his customer was a bit shorter than his average visitor, this butcher was unfazed by the furry visitor. In fact, he seemed delighted to share his knowledge of deli cuts with an interested customer.

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Spring Pet Allergies

Learn common causes and symptoms of spring pet allergies so you and your four-legged friends can enjoy the new spring air without allergy symptoms!

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Kitten Who Wouldn't Stop Crying Was Trying To Tell His Rescuer Something

Ares had just been adopted from the shelter — but he'd left someone very important behind.

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New Study Proves That Humans Love Dogs More Than They Love Humans

Do you love dogs? Or do you know someone who does? We can already see you nodding your heads. It comes as no surprise that the bond between humans and dogs transcends all scientific laws. From time to time, stories keep popping up about pet-owners who wen

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Does a Cat’s Purr Have Healing Powers? | PawCulture

Purring is one of the most elusive topics in veterinary medicine and some scientists believe that cat purrs may have healing powers.

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John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

John Lennon had almost as many cats as the Beatles had No. 1 hits.

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Photographer captures cats midair in ninja poses

Hisakata Hiroyuki, a talented photographer from Japan, has managed to snap a group of mortal tomcats in a variety of high-flying kung fu poses. Using his own rapid-fire reactions, he photographs the lovable cats flying through the air, their legs and paw

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Photos: The Supreme Cat Show

The one-day Supreme Cat Show is one of the largest cat fancy competitions in Europe with over one thousand cats being exhibited. Exhibitors travel from all over to enter their cats into categories including Persian, Semi-Longhair, British, Foreign, Burmes

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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

The APOP 2016 clinical survey recently reported that nearly 54 percent of dogs and 59 percent of cats are clinically overweight or obese.

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the 3 Most Critical Things Hurricane Harvey Teaches Us About Pet Care

What are the known facts about Hurricane Harvey?  Harvey dumped 11 trillion gallons of rain on Houston, a city of 2.3 million people.  At least 31 people died and 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.  What don’t we know?  How many…Read m

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6 Ways Being a Cat Person Makes You Healthier

Cat people stand apart from others in terms of heart health, happiness and connectedness, sensitivity and even intelligence and open-mindedness.

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What Are the 3 Most Critical Things Hurricane Harvey Teaches Us?

What are the known facts about Hurricane Harvey?  Harvey dumped 11 trillion gallons of rain on Houston, a city of 2.3 million people.  At least 31 people died and 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.  What don’t we know?  How many…Read more �

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10 Cat Posts On Tumblr That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Imagine, if you will, a world without cats. Can you picture it? YouTube probably wouldn't exist because there'd be no cat videos to watch, dogs would have

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10 Times Cats Said “If It Fits, I Sits” And Proved Themselves Right

Everyone knows that if a cat fits, it sits. No matter how tight or, to our eye, uncomfortable the space is, cats must and will find a way to fit there. Does

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The Biggest Myths About Baths - Do You Still Believe Them?

Many pet parents believe that too frequent baths can dry out their pet's skin and coat, and that's just one of the myths about baths that still persist today.

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Pet Insurer Quote - Get Your Quotes

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

Should you buy pet insurance?

A year ago, one of patty Glynn’s three dogs, a five-year-old Chinese Crested named Merry, became ill and very nearly died. It turned out that she had inflammatory bowel disease and required transfusions, among other care. Blood work, emergency vet-hospi

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Cats have left their mark all over Los Angeles history

From showbiz cats to beloved school cats, L.A. has been home to many important felines, which makes it the quintessential cat town.

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Transitioning Your Cat to Raw Food Diet Part 2

Learn the step-by-step process for moving your finicky feline from canned food to an optimally healthy raw food diet.

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That Time the CIA Tried to Train Cats to Be Spies

On the 70th anniversary of the act creating the CIA, here's a look at one of the agency's odder moments

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If Your Boss Was A Cat

Cats are magnificent animals. They are smart, curious and independent. Maybe these qualities helped The Business Cat to reach business heights.

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Cat Feeding - Science Says 'Small, Frequent Meals'

Cat feeding studies have been done that prove scientifically that domestic cats will be healthier if fed at least 5 small meals per day.

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Why Your Pet May Be Constipated - It May Not Be What You Think

Cats and dogs occasionally get constipated. It's important to find out what's causing the problem and the best way to resolve it.

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Why Dog Breeds Look So Very Different, But Cats Don't

Why don't pedigreed cats show the extremes in body size and shape that dog breeds do?

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PetSpace Is Now Open and It’s Doggone Amazing

More than just the best new pet adoption place in town, this new space is learning lab, meet & greet center and interactive pet hub.

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Struvite Stones: 6 Elimination Red Flags to Never Ignore

If your dog or cat shows any of these symptoms, please don't look the other way, any of them could be a warning sign of struvite stones.

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Looking For Natural Dog Dental Care? Probiotics Can HELP!

Periodontal disease is the #1 health issue plaguing dogs today. It’s estimated to affect more than 80% of adult dogs. Because periodontal disease is so prevalent, chances are your dog is affected too … even if he’s raw fed. In today’s post, we’l

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How Cats Used Humans to Conquer the World

Ancient DNA from 209 cats over 9,000 years tell the story of their dispersal.

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9 Cat Breeds Who Crave Affection

If you believe kitties are stand-offish and unemotional, chances are you haven't met these cuddle affectionate cat breeds.

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Stubborn vocal cat refuses to go inside

Timo must be hanging out with some huskies lately because that is one stubborn cat! Just listen!

Sports | Cycling

Cycling, Cameras, and Cats with Sandy Carson

Sandy Carson was our first team rider back in January of 2012. "Team Rider" is a term we use very loosely at Fairdale. We don't expect our riders to win race...

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Respect Your Cat (Not That It Cares)

Don’t patronize them, fear them. And for God’s sake don’t eat them.

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Pet Poison: Lilies

Learn which parts of the lily plant are toxic to cats; and the signs and symptoms that your cat has been poisoned by a lily. From Pets Best pet insurance.

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The Time a Cat Terrified Parliament | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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How to Recognize Dental Disease in Your Pet

Learn how to recognize dental disease in your dog from veterinarian Dr. Fiona, for Pets Best pet health insurance for dogs and cats.

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Does My Cat Love Me? 8 Signs to Look For

If you're wondering if your cat loves you, there are some telltale feline signs that demonstrate cat affection. Learn what cat behaviors to look for.

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Getting Over Rover: Why Our Grief Over a Dog Is So Intense

Those of us who have loved a dog know the truth: Your pet is never "just a dog," which explains why we miss them so much when they pass away.

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CAT – Protects You And Your Home From Ghosts And Negative Spirits!

by Conscious Reminder Cat – one of the most magical animals on earth. The aura of the cat is so big, that includes not only the individual, but also his family, home, and territory that the cat is committed to. Therefore, we must understand that when a

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Whistle activity monitor unboxing

Whistle is a GPS dog tracker that can be used to track your pet's location on-demand from your smartphone. It comes with national gps coverage and can also b...

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Pet Obesity - Let's End This Epidemic

Pet obesity is, by far, the biggest health issue facing our loved cats and dogs. Overweight and obese pets are much more likely to develop a chronic disease

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Petzi – Lemonade To Lace

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

Go ahead and let Fido or Fluffy join in the celebrations, but follow these dos and don'ts to keep your pet safe.

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Are You Showing Your Cat Enough Affection?

Your cat's behavior may signal independence, but that doesn't mean your cat doesn't want affection. Are you showing your cat enough love?

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Incredible Face on Pup Who Was Just Adopted Shows What it Means to Adopt Not Shop

The look of unconditional love on this puppy's face will melt your heart and show you how powerful adoption is.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Why Watching Silly Cat Videos Is Good for You

A host of new research shows that social media has many positive benefits. Sharing about events can make you remember them, and opening up about feeling down can lead to more support.

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International Cat Day 2016: 4 Health Benefits And Risks Of Having A Feline Friend

This is International Cat Day — let's celebrate the health benefits of having these furry feline friends.

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Go ahead, lick your cat! New device assures you no hairballs

Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves. What if we could give them a little help, with no hair interference?

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Cat bullies man out of living room - Holy Kaw!

You can take the cat out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the cat. Watch as this formerly-stray cat bullies a man out of its living room.

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20 Heartwarming Pictures of #Hugging #Kittens

hugging kittens

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6 Tips for Happy & Healthy #IndoorCats

From Pets Best, a U.S. dog and cat health insurance agency founded in 2005. As pet owners, you want the very best for your furry family member. By keeping

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6 Brilliant Facts About Bengal Cats | Mental Floss

With its lithe body, large oval eyes, and a coat that’s covered in contrasting spotted or marbled markings, the Bengal looks like a tiny jungle cat. Here are six bits of trivia about the exotic kitty.

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Vomiting Cat. Normal or Something to Worry About?

While this can be a ‘clean-up’ hassle, a vomiting cat is usually related something minor like your cat eating too quickly, eating too much, or eating

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

A Map Showing the Most Popular Cat Names in the U.S. - All Pet Magazine

You have probably heard that the most popular cat name in the United States is Bella, but have you ever wondered which cat name is the most popular in your state? Well, wonder no more, because Vocativ mapped the most popular cat names in every state withi

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Yulin dog meat festival begins in China amid widespread criticism - BBC News

The southern Chinese city of Yulin begins a 10-day dog meat festival, which will see about 10,000 animals killed and eaten, amid widespread opposition.

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Hug Your Cat Day, Boost Their Health

Today is hug your cat day. More than that, it is important to make sure you do everything you can to keep them healthy. We can help.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

Pet ownership can improve a person's quality of life - cat ownership in particular. Discover the many health benefits of owning a cat.

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2 Ways Cats Get Sick from Dog Flea & Tick Products

Did you know some dog-specific flea and tick medications are actually toxic to cats? Learn which products are safe (and not safe) for cats.

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Guy Takes His Cat To Prom, And It Was The Most Purrfect Date Ever

Finding a date for Prom can be a stressful experience for many. Just ask Sam Steingard. Instead of going alone or refusing to go at all, he did what any

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Guinness World Records announces 30-year-old Scooter as oldest living cat

It has just been confirmed that a 30-year-old Siamese from Mansfield, Texas is the new oldest cat alive.

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

19 Brilliant DIY Projects For Pet Food Stations

Whether you have a cat or dog, these great ideas can help minimize the mess of food bowls!..

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Scientific Reasons Why Your Cat Acts So Weird

The internet loves cats. If the internet were Superman, cats would be the Sun. But even though cats are cute and fluffy (and always ready to start something),

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Los Angeles Permanently Bans Sale of Non-Rescue Cats, Dogs, & Rabbits

The city of LA has banned the commercial sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits to reduce the number of strays and euthanized animals.

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Science: Look At These Cute Cats to Boost Your Productivity

Looking at cute cat photos has potential work benefits according to a study by Hiroshima University researchers.

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Science Explains How It Feels To Be A Cat

Cats can be independent, aloof and mysterious. Learn science-backed information that explains what it really feels like to be a domestic cat.

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

Can Cats Eat Pasta? - All Pet Magazine

Pasta is a popular comfort food. It’s tasty and easy to cook. When you are hungry, it’s easy to forget that pasta gets bigger when cooked and make too much of it. If you have cooked too much pasta, you might be wondering, what to do with it al

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Harry Houdini of cats escapes chasing dog

This cat is clearly one of the greatest escape artists of our time.

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

12 Rare Cat Breeds You've Probably Never Heard Of - All Pet Magazine

Did you know that there are over 300 different cat breeds in the world? Surely you’ve heard of some: for example, the Persian and the Main Coon. They are the two most popular cat breeds in the United States, but what else is there in the world of ca

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

All Pet Magazine - Informational pet blog.

Informational pet blog.

Pets & Animals | Interesting Animal Stories

Japan's cat island finds purr-fect solution to food crisis

An army of cats ruling a remote Japanese island are licking their whiskers after a plea for food aid triggered a flood of donations from across the country. More than 140 cats occupy the tiny island of Aoshima in southern Japan -- outnumbering humans by e

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How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

Learn how to brush your dog or cat's teeth, from veterinarian Dr. Fiona.

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Kitten Nursed Back To Health By Huskies, Is Now A Happy Cat

She was once a stray kitten without a friend in the world....Now she's part of a pack and never looking back!

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Start a Pet Insurance Quote from Pets Best

Start a pet insurance quote from Pets Best for your dogs and cats.

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Stray Cat Alliance

Pets & Animals | Animals

The Truth Behind Your Cat's Behavior Is Weirder Than You Think.

Cats aren't quite as expressive as dogs when it comes to letting their owners know how they feel about them, but that doesn't mean they don't love you.