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Dad comes up with the ultimate life hack for clipping his dog's nails

Pictures of man's new technique for clipping his dog's nails have gone viral on Twitter.

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There's No Such Thing as a Good Dog

People love to tell me how lucky I am to have a good dog like Wiley. But they're dead wrong—there was no luck involved. Wiley's good behavior and good temperament are products of four years of hard work, nothing else. When more people understa

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How to Stop These Bad Habits in Pets |

Learn causes and solutions for cat and dog bad habits such as stealing food, begging, jumping, leash pulling and indoor urination.

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Are You Showing Your Cat Enough Affection?

Your cat's behavior may signal independence, but that doesn't mean your cat doesn't want affection. Are you showing your cat enough love?

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A Creative Wooden Fence That Allows Dogs to Peek Outside While Still Remaining In the Yard

When redditor dath0916 was walking his dogs, he noticed that his new neighbors had constructed a very creative fence that allowed their huskies to peek outside while still remaining in the yard. Un…

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HOW TO Treat Flea Allergies in Dogs

Flea allergies in dogs is the most common veterinary dermatologic condition in the world. Here's how to recognize and treat this irritating condition.