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Worried Mama Cat Brings Her Dying Kittens to an Animal Rescue Center Where Their Lives Were Saved

A stray mama cat brought her two dying kittens to the people at Animals Cottage Rescue Centers in hopes of saving them, which they did.

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Worried dog owner finds lost elderly pet at a Milwaukee bar: 'He was pretty popular'

Milwaukee resident Jenny Hazard found out that her lost 16-year-old Shih Tzu went for a night on the town last week, showing up at a local watering hole.

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Shelter Dogs in Kansas Treated to Special Burger Dinner to Ring in 2024 - Parade Pets

A dog shelter in Kansas decided to treat their dogs to a special burger dinner to ring in the New Year with style and lots of love.

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Lolly the Puppy Mill Survivor Is Helping Dogs Recover From Fear, Trauma

Lolly not only recovered from her own neglect. She's now helping other dogs overcome their fears, too.

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Dozens of At-Risk Dogs and Cats to Be Flown From Overcrowded Shelters Just Before Thanksgiving

Animals from crowded Southern shelters are on their way to rescues in New Jersey, which will get these sweet dogs and cats into loving homes.

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Opie the Dog Finds Loving Home After Spending 838 Days in Florida Shelter

Opie, a 6-year-old chow chow mix, spent more than two years in the shelter at The Humane Society of St. Lucie County before finally finding his forever home late in August.

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New BBB Report on Online Puppy Scams One More Reason to Adopt, Not Shop

A new Better Business Bureau (BBB) report reveals that hundreds of Americans who hoped to buy a puppy online have instead been duped into paying thousands of dollars for a new family member who never arrives. In addition to overcrowding at shelters and tr

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This Pup Was Rescued From a Hot Car, Then Adopted By the Officer Who Saved Him

The poor pup was stuck in the car for two hours, when temps probably rose about 100 degrees.

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Animal rescue groups across the U.S. band together to rescue 4,000 beagles

A federal judge ordered thousands of dogs to be rehomed from a Virginia research facility after several inspections revealed poor conditions. Animal rescue groups are working to do just that.

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A Lost Iditarod Dog was Reunited with His Musher After Three Months

Leon, an Iditarod dog, disappeared for a span of three after the Ruby checkpoint incident. He is now reunited with his musher and the rest of the team.

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Microchip Saves Tabby Cat From Being Put Down After 16 Years Missing

The chip also allowed him to reunite with his family for the first time in 16 years.

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‘Tossed to the curb like trash’: Kittens saved in San Antonio after found in paper bag

A San Antonio Animal Care Services employee found the cold and hungry kittens inside a box in a paper bag.

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Adoptable Pets Of The Week In Oceanside-Camp Pendleton Area

Animal rescue organizations in your area put these pets up for adoption over the past week.

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Couple Turns Old School Into Senior Dog Sanctuary, Loves Them Til Their Last Breath

What used to be a school in Shawnee, Missouri has been transformed into a sanctuary for senior dogs. Kathryn Lask and Todd Mitchell were volunteering at

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L.A. Animal Services to Reduces Adoption Fees for Larger Dogs thru Oct. 18 | KFI AM 640

Los Angeles Animal Services began offering discounted adoption fees for its “larger breeds'' of dogs starting today thru Oct. 18.

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Doris Day, Animal Activist, Remembered | The Bark

With the passing of Doris Day, the world has lost not only a legendary actress and singer but also a pioneering animal activist. Day, 97, who died on May 13 at her Carmel Valley, Calif., home, was a lifelong dog-lover whose dedication to the cause of aban

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Senior Dachshund Found Alone On Lawn With The Saddest Note - The Dodo

“Please take care of my dog. I love her so much.”

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California Is the First State to Ban Retail Sales of Puppy Mill Pets

California became the first state to ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits from pet stores. This law, introduced in February by Assemblyperson Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach), was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Friday, Oct. 13 and

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Adopt-A-Pet Helps Owners Rehome Pets

When I ran a German Shepherd rescue more than 15 years ago, one of the biggest challenges was emotional blackmail. A dog owner would call me out of desperation or exasperation or they were just done. If I didn’t take the dog right now, he’d end up in

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Pup Named After David Bowie (With Eyes to Match) Needs a Forever Home

The dog has reportedly been ignored by potential owners because of his different colored eyes.

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Madrid Makes Drastic Decision About All Of Its Homeless Animals - BarkPost

Madrid just passed a law protecting stray and abandoned animals and will NO LONGER EUTHANIZE them. This is a victory for animal rights.

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Hundreds of dogs saved from massacre on Puerto Rico

When Stephen McGarva and wife Pamela decided to move to Puerto Rico because of her job, he jumped at the chance to ­explore the sun-soaked islands. On their first week in the lush resort community ...

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