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Adopt-A-Pet Helps Owners Rehome Pets

When I ran a German Shepherd rescue more than 15 years ago, one of the biggest challenges was emotional blackmail. A dog owner would call me out of desperation or exasperation or they were just done. If I didn’t take the dog right now, he’d end up in

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Dog Adoption: When Is the Best Time to Adopt a Dog?

The best time to adopt a dog is different for everyone. Find out what’s right for you. Read more...

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There Is An Island Where You Can Cuddle Puppies On The Beach Or Even Adopt Them

There's an archipelago in the Caribbean where white sandy beaches and turquoise waters come together with adorable potcake puppies, a mixed-breed dog found in the region. That's right, you can play with and maybe even adopt a potcake puppy while on vacati

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