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Astaxanthin For Dogs: Protect Against Cancer, Joint Pain And More

Astaxanthin for dogs is a Super Antioxidant every dog needs! Dr Deva Khalsa explains what it is and how you can use it to benefit your dog.

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CBD Oil Benefits: How To Heal Your Dog With Hemp

Think CBD oil is overrated? All the research proves it isn't. Here's why your dog needs all those CBD oil benefits - for both treatment and prevention.

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List of Plants Poisonous to Dogs | LoveToKnow

Every dog owner should have a list of plants poisonous to dogs in order to protect their canine companion from illness or death. There are literally [...]

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Xylitol: Where This Toxic Additive Is Hiding In Your Home

Xylitol is found in many foods and household products, and it’s really toxic to your dog. Here’s where it’s hiding in your home – and what to do if your dog ingests it.

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The Importance of Pet Insurance – Occasional Reminders

It took only a minute to trace the blood to its source: the backs of Woody s hind legs. In horses, we d call this area his pasterns: between his paws and the knobby hock joints the place where he skids when he s sliding to a halt from a run. On one of tho

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White Bits in Dog Poop* | Whole Dog Journal

Warning: This post talks about dog poop. If you are sensitive regarding discussions about dog poop...maybe you don t actually have a dog, and shouldn t be reading this blog at all! Just kidding. Not about the poop, just about the dog-owning part. Have you

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Must Have Apps for Dog Lovers

As the saying goes ‘there’s an app for everything these days’, and that is now true for dog lovers. Check out these apps to give your pooch an easier life.

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Canine Hormone Support for Spayed or Neutered Dogs

Use Canine Hormone Support to help counter the hormonal effects of spaying and neutering and to give your dog the gift of balance.

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Major Dog Chew Recall - Do You Give Your Dog Any of These Brands?

A pet food manufacturer has voluntarily recalled 5 types of dog chews for possible chemical contamination that could cause diarrhea and vomiting.

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Toxic Mold and Your Pet: Don't Ignore This Deadly Threat

Pet can easily come into contact with molds and show signs of toxicity that include nasal discharge, sneezing, GI issues, itchiness and fur loss.

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Your Dog's Tongue as a Measure of Her Health

Your dog's tongue is a long, muscled, versatile organ that has many important functions.

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Does Your Vet Follow the New Vaccination Protocol?

The AAHA canine vaccination task force has updated their previous annual protocol for core vaccines to an every 3-year protocol.

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Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs

Detect the symptoms of Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in dogs. Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis is scary, but fast treatment can cure.

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Your dog could live years longer thanks to a new drug

They say every dog has its day, but your dog could have a lot more of them thanks to a drug already approved by the FDA for people that’s now being tested on dogs. NBC’s Catie Beck reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.

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10 Tips To Help Prevent And Treat Dental Disease In Dogs

Here are ten home remedies from Patricia Gordon DVM to help prevent and treat dental disease in your dog. Includes her all natural dog toothpaste recipe!

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2016 Approved Dry Dog Foods: Whole Dog Journal's Annual Ratings

Many people are under the impression that all dog food labeled as complete and balanced contains an ideal, uniform amount of nutrients just enough of what dogs need, but not too much. Meats like chicken, venison, and beef provide a good amount of protein,

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Thankful for Dog Vaccines | Whole Dog Journal

My husband and I were talking about childhood dogs for some reason, and he said, We got a dog when I was little and it died of distemper, and my parents said, That s it, no more dogs. When he said that, I suddenly remembered that my family, too, had lost

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Coconut Oil For Dogs: Our 3 Favorite Recipes!

Yes! You can use coconut oil for dogs! Try our 3 favorite ways to use coconut oil and make your own skin cream, antibacterial cream and more.

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Be the best cat owner you can be this year by following a few simple rules.

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Why Most Dogs' Allergy Treatments Fail

If your dog has allergy symptoms, it might be his food! Here's how to check your dog for enzyme deficiency and how to correct this common condition.

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2 Hot Weather Risks for Pets

Learn two hot weather risks for dogs and cats. From Pets Best a pet health insurance agency.

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4 Hazards of Foxtails for Pets

Learn how foxtails, also known as cheat grass, can cause health issues in dogs and even cats. By veterinarian Dr. Fiona for Pets Best pet insurance.

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DIY Physical Exam: An “owner’s manual” for your dog

To identify an illness or abnormal situation, you must first be able to recognize what is normal for your dog. You know your dog better than anyone else and you will have to decide when an abnormal situation warrants professional help. Sometimes the condi