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Yes, You Can Control Your Dreams: The Strange Science of Lucid Dreaming | Discover Magazine

Once dismissed as a new age fad, lucid dreaming has gained attention as a possible performance enhancer and therapeutic tool.

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How Music Affects Your Brain | Time

Susan Magsamen explores how music has the power to transform and enhance our brains.

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Video Shows Human Brain Cells in Dish Teaching Themselves to Play a Videogame

In Scientists were, for the first time, able to show that 800,000 living brain cells trapped in a petri dish can be taught how to play the videogame Pong.

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We might have Alzheimer's all wrong

For over 30 years, toxic proteins were thought to cause Alzheimer’s. However, recent studies suggest it might be metabolic reprogramming.

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Brain practices new tasks while people sleep, study finds | Brown University

A new study associated with the BrainGate consortium offered significant clues about how humans learn and form long-term memories; the findings could provide insights for developers of assistive tools for people with paralysis.

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Can't Stand Some Sounds? It Could Be Due to an 'Abnormal' Brain Connection

If you have an overreaction to 'triggering' sounds such as other people chewing or drumming their fingers, you probably have misophonia. Last year, scientists finally discovered a key brain connection responsible for setting it off.

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Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking A Vital Brain Region In Women, Study Finds

A disconcerting new study finds that birth control pills may actually impact the size or even shrink a portion of women's brains.

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The Complicated Relationship Between Social Media and Depression - Neuroscience News

A new study reveals a correlation between the passive use of social media and depression symptoms such as loneliness and fatigue.

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The Remarkable Brains of Long-Term Meditators - Mindful

Researchers suggest that people with an advanced meditation practice might operate at a different level of awareness — and it shows in their brainwaves.

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Meet the Rosehip Neuron: A Newly Discovered Cell in the Human Brain | Smart News | Smithsonian

The neuron is not found within lab mice, possibly explaining why mouse studies often do not translate to human brains

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Study on the Gut-Brain Connection Will Help Guide Therapies in Neurologic Diseases

New findings about how the gut impacts central nervous system resident cells in the brain will play a huge role in the advancement of therapies.

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Scientists Have Reversed Brain Damage in a 2-Year-Old Girl Who Drowned in a Swimming Pool

Researchers in the US have reported what they believe is a first-of-its-kind reversal of brain damage, after treating a drowned and resuscitated toddler with a combination of oxygen therapies.

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Why Your Brain Has 2 Halves

Scientists have long known that the two halves of human brains perform different functions. Now, researchers look at why this is beneficial.

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This incredible artist can paint songs using colors she sees in her head due to a neurological quirk - News - Alternative Press

Human beings are remarkable in so many different ways. Melissa McCracken, for instance, is a synesthetic artist, and you've got to see her beautiful creations.

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Is Your Medicine Right for Your Metabolism? - WSJ

A drug that brings relief for some patients might cause harmful side effects in others. More genetic tests aim to help predict how people might respond to many common medications.

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The brain can be trained to regulate negative emotions, study reports

A simple, computer-training task can change the brain's wiring to regulate emotional reactions, according to a recent study published in NeuroImage by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers.

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The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133

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What It Takes To Change Your Brain's Patterns After Age 25

Most of our brain's patterns are solidified by our mid-20s, but it's possible to change your brain's pathways and patterns with these methods.

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Scientists map brains of the blind to solve mysteries of human brain specialization | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University

Studying the brain activity of blind people, scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are challenging the standard view of how the human brain specializes to perform different kinds of tasks, and shedding new light on how our brains can adapt to t

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First evidence of neuroinflammation in brains of chronic pain patients

A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital investigators has found, for the first time, evidence of neuroinflammation in key regions of the brains of patients with chronic pain. By showing that levels of an inflammation-linked protein are elevated in