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Watch: Carjackers Vs. Karate Instructors In Oakland

Watch some window shattering action!

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White Marxists, Black Pawns, and the Inevitable Clash With Reality

You likely won’t read this in the Pravda Press, but the women of Oakland, Calif., are finally tired of teens beating the crap out of them, and they are no longer remaining quiet about it....

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Vida Blue, the legendary Oakland A's pitcher, has died

Vida Blue, the legendary Oakland A's pitcher of the 1970s, passed away Saturday night, his family and the A's have confirmed. 

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PODCAST | The Independent Truckers Strike Back: This Ain't Canada

After we address the attempted assassination of US Rep. Lee Zeldin who is running for Governor of New York, we discuss how the independent truckers in California are artfully expressing their outrage at a new law that coerces them into union membership.

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‘Death To America!’: BLM Protesters Echo Iran During March Through Oakland, Calif.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the streets of Oakland, Calif., last Wednesday chanting “death to America.” Rioters among the crowd also set fires and broke into several businesses while vandalizing others, according to polic

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Athletics' Ryan Christenson caught performing apparent Nazi salute, apologizes: 'What I did is unacceptable'

Oakland Athletics bench coach Ryan Christenson came under fire Thursday night for raising his arm during a postgame celebration in what looked like a Nazi salute.

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Oakland votes to ban tenant criminal background checks

Oakland City Council on Tuesday voted to prohibit landlords from rejecting a prospective tenant because of a criminal record.

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Raiders' move to Las Vegas: Why (and when) Oakland's team is leaving for new stadium

The Raiders will be moving to their new stadium in Las Vegas after this season. Here is all you need to know about the team's relocation.

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The Trashwomen Live full set Burger Boogaloo 2016 with John Waters and Traci Lords

http://www.OutOfFocus.TV - 6/25/16 - Mosswood Park in Oakland, Ca The Trashwomen played at the annual Burger Boogaloo. Watch until the end to see an amazing ...

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The A's relationship with fans has reached a new low

The A's had an embarrassingly small crowd on Opening Day, but Dieter Kurtenbach writes that the fans aren't to blame.

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Oakland coffee shop's refusal to serve police officers stirs uproar

An Oakland coffee shop has been flooded with scalding online reviews after refusing to serve uniformed police officers, citing "the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves."

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Illegal immigrants with sex, robbery convictions among those who evaded capture after Dem mayor's warning | Fox News

A Democratic mayor’s warning to illegal immigrants of an incoming ICE raid in northern California may have led to a number of illegal immigrants with violent and sex-related convictions evading capture and deportation.

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MERMEN - 02Be My Noir 06/21/1994

Mermen LIVE at the Making Waves Festival 06/21/1994. Shot at Ferry Plaza, SFCA.

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Raiders sell out 2017 season tickets despite looming move from Oakland to Vegas

Last week, Mark Davis revealed that he had refunded and re-sold about 1,000 tickets

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Raiders' move to Las Vegas approved by NFL owners

The Raiders got the official OK to relocate to Las Vegas as NFL owners reportedly voted 31-1 on Monday in approval of the franchise’s move from Oakland, Calif., a place the team has called home for 45 of its 58 seasons of existence in the AFL and NFL. T

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AC/DC - Full Concert - 07/21/79 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (OFFICIAL)

AC/DC - Full Concert Recorded Live: 7/21/1979 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Oakland, CA) More AC/DC at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Musi...

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Can Oakland police save trafficking victims in the wake of its own sex scandal?

As midnight approached, Sylvia Vigil pulled her van over along International Boulevard, her eyes locked onto the teenager leaning against a storefront.

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Former Alabama, Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler dies at 69 - LA Times

Ken Stabler, among the greatest quarterbacks in Oakland Raiders history, died Thursday of complications from colon cancer. He was 69.

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Brett Lawrie picked up a golden sombrero in the most efficient way | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Brett Lawrie did not have a great night Tuesday, striking out four times on just 12 pitches.

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49ers stunned by Raiders, see playoff hopes dim

San Francisco 49ers (7-6) are likely to fall short of playoffs after Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders; 'It's been an off year,' says running back Frank Gore.

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Mark McGwire on Jose Canseco: ‘I don’t care to ever speak to him again.’ |

The current Dodgers hitting coach won't forgive his former teammate for a tell-all book.