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Las Vegas' Mirage Resort to close after 34-year run. Volcano to go dormant

The iconic Mirage resort was perhaps best known for its exploding 54-foot man-made volcano, magicians Siegfried and Roy, white tigers and dolphins.

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What happened to the atomic test dummies? – The Nevada Independent

The explosion sent a shock wave through southern Nevada and left behind an atom-age mystery: What happened to the life-like mannequins used in the test?

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Inside the original Rat Pack and its members' Las Vegas legacy

How the original members of the Rat Pack — Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford — helped create the myth of Las Vegas, before they were destroyed by Joe Kennedy.

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Allegiant Stadium Personal Seat Licenses Nearly Sold Out | From This Seat

Nearly all of the personal seat licenses for Allegiant Stadium, future home of the Las Vegas Raiders, have already been purchased.

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Raiders' move to Las Vegas: Why (and when) Oakland's team is leaving for new stadium

The Raiders will be moving to their new stadium in Las Vegas after this season. Here is all you need to know about the team's relocation.

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Wayne Newton celebrates 60 years in Las Vegas with new show

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Wayne Newton dropped out of high school his junior year to perform with his brother at a Las Vegas hotel. It was 1959, and he was too young to spend his breaks at the casino and too broke to eat dinner there. Six decades later — with

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The house doesn’t always win: Las Vegas may lose millions on the Golden Knights

Betting on a home team was largely a new experience for Vegas locals. But they bought in early on the Golden Knights, despite the long odds.

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Watch Stray Cats Perform "Runaway Boys" and "Built for Speed" at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend -

If you're a big fan of the Kardashians, American Idol and Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" ("I'm in love with your body..."), you probably would've had a lousy time

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A sad day for music

Last Monday, Tom Petty played the last show of his 40th Anniversary Tour at the Hollywood Bowl. Today he died, at age 66, after being rushed to the hospital early this morning from his home in Mali…

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Based on the Early Reports, the Las Vegas Shooting Is Very, Very Strange

My observations are based on early reports, and early reports are often wrong ...

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CBS executive fired after saying Las Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy | TheHill

CBS fired a legal executive Monday after she wrote on Facebook that she was not "sympathetic" to the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

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At least 20 dead, more than 100 injured in Las Vegas shooting

USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, videos and VR.

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New zombie hangout in Vegas. Can you outrun them in Fear the Walking Dead Survival?

The attraction is based on the horror TV show on AMC. It's described as “part thrill ride, part escape room, part maze, part haunted house and part interactive video game."

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Raiders' move to Las Vegas approved by NFL owners

The Raiders got the official OK to relocate to Las Vegas as NFL owners reportedly voted 31-1 on Monday in approval of the franchise’s move from Oakland, Calif., a place the team has called home for 45 of its 58 seasons of existence in the AFL and NFL. T

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Here's why you may not get free drinks in Las Vegas anymore

Time was Las Vegas casinos served free booze so you would stay and gamble — and maybe loosen up enough to play even more. Now a few big casino companies are shifting gears by rewarding certain gamblers and leaving others high and dry.

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Underwater in the Las Vegas Desert, Years After the Housing Crash

More than eight years after rotten loans and plunging home values made Las Vegas the center of the housing crisis, thousands of people have yet to recover.

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Are The Rolling Stones headed to the Las Vegas Strip? - Las Vegas Sun Mobile

Is Britain’s longest-reigning rock group headed to the Las Vegas Strip? I can reliably confirm that initial discussions have been held for The Rolling Stones to play the new T-Mobile Arena before year’s end.

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Motels and motor courts: Saving Las Vegas’ mid-century gems - Las Vegas Weekly

During the mid-20th century, an organic uniqueness evolved in Downtown Las Vegas, a gift of sorts for the future, for that day when the quaint and personal motor courts with stunning signage would somehow outlast the more elegant destinations of yesteryear, providing historical depth in an ever-changing city.

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China, U.S. Reach Agreement on High-Speed Rail Before Xi Visit - Bloomberg Business

A China Railway Group-led consortium and XpressWest Enterprises LLC will form a joint venture to build a high-speed railway linking Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the first Chinese-made bullet-train project in the U.S.

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Do you know the unfriendliest cities in the world? L.A. and Las Vegas made the dubious top 10 - LA Times

Travel + Leisure readers pick Moscow as the unfriendliest city on the planet. Here's the list of 30 cities perfect for curmudgeons who like to travel.

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How To Do Vegas Like A Pro

When to get drinks (and when not to), how to deal with the cab lines and more ways to travel smarter in Las Vegas By Jennifer Prosser Congratulations, you're going to Las Vegas! You're about to indulge in what 41 million visitors to this neon-la...

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17 things Vegas does better than anywhere else

Las Vegas wouldn’t be one of the most iconic tourism and vacation destinations in the world if it didn’t kick ass at a few things. In fact there are at least 17 things we are better at than any other place on Earth...

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After two decades, a legendary Las Vegas slot machine finally hands over its elu

It took 20 years, but one lucky couple finally hit the Lion's Share jackpot at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday night, winning a cool $2.4 million.

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Police: Las Vegas mentioned as al-Qaida terror target - FOX5 Vegas - KVVU

Metro police have confirmed al-Qaida leaders are encouraging lone jihadists to target Las Vegas for terror attacks. That information comes from a recent publication which names the city as a top spot to strike.

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36 Un-Vegas Things to Do in Vegas

I'm delighted to announced that I made it out alive... but just barely. I kid, but it was intense, that's for sure. If you've been to Vegas, you understand....

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10 things you didn't know about Las Vegas

Las Vegas (CNN) -- Not many cities evoke as many instant associations as Las Vegas.

Maybe you think of the Rat Pack, showgirls and mobsters sipping martinis. Or perhaps it's bachelorettes and bros on a bender that everyone hopes won't end up on Facebook.