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What happened to the atomic test dummies? – The Nevada Independent

The explosion sent a shock wave through southern Nevada and left behind an atom-age mystery: What happened to the life-like mannequins used in the test?

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The Atomic-Bomb Core That Escaped World War II - The Atlantic

Before two deadly nuclear mishaps, scientists used to risk “tickling the tail of a sleeping dragon.” An Object Lesson.

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Time travel and the single atom | Cosmos

Researchers have confirmed one of the most profound thought experiments of quantum physics. In the life of a single atom, present actions appear to affect past events.

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The Future of Plutonium

On November 6, 1944, researchers at the Hanford Site in Washington first created weapons-grade plutonium, the radioactive element used less than a year later in the Fat Man, the atomic plutonium implosion-type bomb dropped on Nagasaki,