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Canada to Follow Australia; Takes on Facebook on Payment for Content Issue

Canada is joining Australia in taking on Facebook, following Australia's move to craft legislation demanding payment for content not created by the company. Facebook as "unfriended" the entire country of Australia, denying Australians access to the Facebo

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15 crucial content marketing resources and tools

Whether your team needs help with web design, SEO, social media or video production, this list is bursting at the seams with helpful digital assets. When Apple turned “there’s an app for that” into a global catchphrase in 2009, the company promised

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Is Your Company Ready for Content Marketing? | Inc.

Before getting started, be sure you're able to give your content the attention and time it deserves (and needs).

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Facebook’s content oversight board plan is raising more questions than it answers – TechCrunch

Facebook has produced a report summarizing feedback it’s taken in on its idea of establishing a content oversight board to help arbitrate on moderation decisions. Aka the ‘supreme court of Facebook’ concept first discussed by founder Mar

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Learn How to Effectively Scale Your Content Marketing

Dive into essential content marketing skills with the Complete Content Marketing Master Class Course.

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6 Best Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content - Relevance

I am in love with content marketing because it helps to generate 3X more leads as compared to outbound marketing and the best part is, it costs 62% less. There is no doubt that content…

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Loss Of Licensed Content Is An Underrated Crisis For Netflix

As legacy media companies pull content, Netflix could lose much of its value to consumers just as the competition heats up.

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What's Really Driving The Limitless Growth Of Podcasts

Explains many reasons why podcasts are projected to keep growing at a rapid clip, and why brands from Trader Joe's, to MasterCard, Blue Apron, Casper and Slack are using them to engage consumers and build their brands.

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Content Marketing: Insights from the 2018 Intelligent…

Authored by Prema Srinivasan

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Instagram Unleashes the Ultimate Weapon for Marketers – Adweek

Opinion: ‘Regramming’ could encroach on Pinterest’s position as a king of brand content discovery

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3 Tips for Creating Original Social Content Your Audience Loves – Adweek

Opinion: If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll probably come to the realization that your content isn’t very original.

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19 Social Media Content Tools That'll Speed Up Your Content Creation

Creating great social media content takes time. Here are 18 powerful social media content tools (and tips for creating great content in just minutes).

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LinkedIn Just Gave Away a Big Secret

For the first time ever, LinkedIn is sharing some incredibly valuable data about what makes its members sit up and take notice.

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Instagram Algorithm: The 7 Key Factors that Influence Your Organic Reach

In this post, we'll go through the seven key factors of the Instagram algorithm that influence your reach and share 10 ways to boost your reach today.

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The Only Copywriting Formula You'll Ever Need

Fear is the most “primal” human motivator. Here's a three-step copywriting formula to leverage it in your content along with 13 questions to guide you.

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Are There Any Downsides To Content Marketing? - Forbes

Are there any real downsides to content marketing that might deter you from the strategy?

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The Specificity Strategy: How to Turn Generic Posts Into Stand Out Content - Grow and Convert

Your audience can smell the stench of your generic blog post ideas just from the title. Here's why you should use the specificity strategy.

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Adobe debuts Spark, a suite of mobile and web tools that lets anyone create visual content

Adobe this morning launched a new suite of apps called Adobe Spark, which allow both web and mobile users to create and share visual content - like posts for..

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How to Use SlideShare to Breathe Life into Your Old Blog Content

SlideShare earned its nickname “the quiet giant of content marketing” for good reason. It’s one of the most powerful, influential platforms on the Web. Repurposing your blog content as a SlideS…

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A Complete Guide To 2016 Content Marketing Trends - #infographic

Ready to dive into creating and executing a content marketing plan for 2016? Keep this infographic-guide handy and get your business started in the right direction.

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Content Marketing Mistakes That Are Poisoning Your Progress

Learn 5 of the 13 Content Marketing Mistakes That Are Poisoning Your Progress in this post. Learn 8 more in CMI’s new e-book. – Content Marketing Institute

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20 Lessons I Learned in my First 6 Months at TopRank Marketing

I used to be famous on the Internet. Now I’m writing content for TopRank Marketing. This is better. Before starting at TopRank Marketing, I spent a decade

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8 Killer Content Marketing Promotion Strategies to Boost Traffic

Drive more traffic to your website this fall by implementing some of these content promotion strategies.

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How to Write a 2000-Word Article in 2 Hours

You could create more content, drive high-quality traffic from search engines, and generate more leads.

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7 Signs Your Content Marketing Is Stuck in a Bizarro World

Is your content marketing strategy stuck in Bizarro World? Learn what could be causing the disconnect, and how to fix it before it's too late.

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4 Simple Reasons Your Blog Still Isn't Getting Traffic

Without a sturdy understanding of the blog basics, a business's content marketing may get derailed.

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15 Copywriting Tips To Grow Your Content, Engagements, and Readership

Writing copy is like applying to a job. It does not matter how good you are or the amount of experience you have, if you cannot pass the resume/cover letter stage, you are not going to get the job. S…

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Measuring The Real Impact Of Your Content Marketing

Digital marketing is powerful for getting instant feedback on marketing activities and content marketing creates long-term value for us marketers. But are we measuring the full success of our content marketing? Or are we narrowly focusing on the obvious m

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3 Types of Basic Content You Can’t Afford To Ignore - Heidi Cohen

Are you missing these 3 types of basic content? Here are 17 content marketing tips to improve your landing pages, welcome series and post-purchase emails.

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8 Nonobvious Tips to Promote Your Content

Social media is a good start for content promotion, but here are 8 nonobvious tips to further your content’s reach – Content Marketing Institute.

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Why The Customers Who Don't Convert Are Immensely Important

I love Warby Parker, but I’ll never buy a pair because I have 20/20 vision. My boss reads the Buffer blog daily, but she’s never used the tool a day in her life. We’re brand fans, part of an enormous audience of advocates you may be missing out on.

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How to Turn Data Into Content Ideas (and Avoid Content Marketing Flops) | Social Media Today

Sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother for content ideas. How nice would it be if someone was around to relieve the stress of brainstorming by pulling brilliant ideas out of thin air? In reality, marketers don’t need magical entities to help generate

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Ways Content Marketing is Going to Change in 2015

When you look at internet marketing, there is perhaps no single area that evolves faster or changes more frequently than content. From what you write and where you publish to how you disseminate that content and engage with readers, the ideology behind wh

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The Right Way to Think About Content Marketing - Millennial CEO

The dream of hordes of customers flocking to business blogs in search of educational content to supplement their buying decisions fuels the content economy. Powered by storytelling, eye-catching visual elements, and favorable statistics, content marketing

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14 examples of evergreen content formats that work wonders | Econsultancy

We're great believers in the importance of evergreen content, and this has been a major factor in this blog's growth.

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Snapchat's Not So Social Bet on Content

Snapchat's Discover feature is a big gamble in the long run for not just the company, but for the brands and publishers behind that content as well.

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We say we don't trust sponsored content. But, oh, how we click on it

Today, Contently published a survey of 542 Americans between the ages of 18-65, polling them on their feelings toward sponsored content. The feeling was overwhelmingly negative. Two-thirds of the p...