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2016 holiday shopping and credit guide

Wise use of cards can put money your pocket and keep debt off your back

Business & Finance | Mo' Money

Brexit, pound's plunge bring a UK shopping discount

Online shoppers can save 10 to 20 percent, and may even get free shipping

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'Mad Men': 20 Gifts for Dapper Dons (or Bettys) | EW.com

Mad Men on Blu-ray/DVD (season 1 from $7.99)

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Last-Minute Holiday Gift: Shop the Supermarket (and Disguise It): Gardenista

Desperate for a gift? Run to the supermarket. Seriously. With our tips on what to buy and how to wrap your loot festively with store-bought materials, no one will ever suspect you stopped at the grocery store at the last minute. Read on for the shopping l

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Amazon glitch leads to rush over 1p 'bargains' in UK - Telegraph

Businesses fear they could go bankrupt after a software error led to items being sold for a fraction of their worth on Amazon