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Special Free Access to the Managing for Accountability App | Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability: free access to the managing for accountability apps to the first 15 blog readers who have a wonderful use for the apps

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Free Podcast on How to Build Accountability…In Yourself, In Your Employees | Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability: free podcast on how to create accountability in yourself, in others, on how accountability is a game changer

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A Crucial First Step Many Managers Forget To Take | Workplace Coach Blog

onboarding: a crucial first step many managers forget to take

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Accountability in the Workplace: a 1 hour session on how to create a thriving accountability culture | Workplace Coach Blog

Law Office Manager & Medical Office Manager have teamed together to sponsor this fast-paced 1-hour manager/leader briefing. Here’s what the …

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Straight Talk about Accountability: What It Means for the Workplace & How It's a Factor In Turning Around What Needs to be Fixed - Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability in the workplace: what it means for employers & employees

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The Game Changer You Need - Workplace Coach Blog

Here's what accountability means to you and why it's a game changer.

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Sneak Preview (free): Here's Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader's Toolbox: Chapter 1 - Workplace Coach Blog

Please let me know what you think.

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Rand Paul says new Wuhan documents show Fauci lied

Sen. Rand Paul says newly public documents on U.S. funding of coronavirus research in Wuhan, China, show that NIAID head Dr. Anthony Fauci lied during his previous testimony to Conrgess.

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Tucker Carlson: Our military has been lying to us for 20 years

Tucker Carlson highlights the military establishment's claim that "progress" was being made in Afghanistan over the past 20 years before the nation quickly fell to the Taliban.

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Biden ‘done’ if media 'does their job' on leaked call with Afghan leader: Huckabee

Mike Huckabee says Biden is "done" if the media does its job after the president reportedly told former Afghan president Ghani to change the perception of the Taliban's dominance.

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Biden pressed Afghan president to change 'perception' that Taliban was winning, 'whether true or not'

President Biden stressed the need for changing the "perception" of the Taliban’s progress in Afghanistan, "whether it is true or not," during a phone call with former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani less than four weeks before Kabul collapsed, according t

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Pentagon slams leak showing US deaths in Kabul bombing could have been avoided

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Monday slammed an “unlawful” leak to Politico revealing the deaths of 13 US troops in the Kabul airport bombing could have been dodged

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Time for a Game Change - Workplace Coach Blog

Game-changer: accountability: tools, tactics, and strategies

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What 5 attorneys, 21 business leaders, 6 HR professionals, 13 non-profit organization leaders and 4 authors say about Managing for Accountability - Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability in the workplace: a toolbox for managers, leaders and professionals

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What you can do today & every day. - Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability is a choice for us and our leaders

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Attract & Hire Outstanding, Accountable Employees - Workplace Coach Blog

how to write ads that attract the best employees & 25% off coupon on Managing for Accountability

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As Trump Fights Election Fraud, Most Republicans in Congress Remain Quiet

WASHINGTON—As credible allegations of election malfeasance continue to emerge, the majority of Republican politicians remain on the sidelines, ...

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Sticking My Neck Out & Asking You To Say What You Want In This Book - Workplace Coach Blog

A how to guide for managing for accountability

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It's Official: Exciting news:) - Workplace Coach Blog

It’s official: I’ve agreed with the high-quality publisher Business Expert Press to write 3 books: Managing for Accountability: A tool box for business executives and owners; Reality-based Management: How to use five key performance tools to p

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When we are Angry Or Afraid we can be Less in Control of Our Actions

By Matthew Warren. First study of its kind raises questions about the accountability of people going through extreme emotions.

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Is the Mindfulness Craze Turning Us Into Suckers?

When people focus too much on psychological tricks, there’s a chance they can miss the bigger forces swirling around.