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5 Action Steps for Regaining Trust - Workplace Coach Blog

When employees or coworkers no longer trust you, they don’t tell you. Why would they? They don’t trust how you …

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No Love Lost: Employees Head for the Doors - Workplace Coach Blog

Employees leaving their jobs in record numbers--employers need to "get it" and act fast?

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Retention Strategies a "Must" During a COVID-19 - Workplace Coach Blog

Employee retention strategies are a must during COVID-19. Here are 5 specific tactics leaders need, along with specific information.

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Prove You Respect Your Employees & Their Investment in Your Company - Workplace Coach Blog

Employee development boosts employee engagement, productivity, profits, morale, and retention--discover ten no-cost/low cost methods for providing employees development opportunities.

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Flexibility: What Employees Want & Need for Christmas 2020 (Part 2) - Workplace Coach Blog

Employers & employees benefit from flexible work hours--it's a benefit that costs nothing but significantly increases employee satisfaction

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This bizarre-looking font helps you remember what you read

The half-finished letters are designed to make us more engaged with what we’re reading, which increases memory retention.