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Nearly 2,000 Uncounted July Ballots From New Jersey Primary Found in Bin

More than 1,600 ballots from New Jersey’s July primary election were found by Sussex County elections board officials in a “mislabeled” bin.

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Judge Orders New Election in New Jersey After Voter Fraud Charges

A New Jersey judge this week ordered a new election held for a City Council race, nearly two ...

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National Security Adviser: China ‘Trying To Elect Biden,’ Has ‘Most Sophisticated Global Influence Programs’ And ‘Capabilities’

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien warned on Thursday that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was “trying to elect” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and that they have the most powerful and sophisticated tools to do it. P

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Problems With Absentee Ballots Hint at Election Nightmare

A study by the postal service IG found some shocking and worrying shortcomings that should give anyone who wants a fair election in November pause.

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Mega-Donor George Soros Began Targeting Arizona and Georgia Elections in 2015

Billionaire activist George Soros helped fund Democratic efforts to flip Georgia, Arizona, and Florida in the recent midterm elections, and he nearly ran the table. All three states had razor-thin margins of victory in either U.S. Senate or gubernatorial