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Here’s why your Uber driver is going to be taking fewer left turns in the future

Uber said it would be rerouting drivers so they’ll take fewer left turns in an effort to reduce dangerous driving. The company is also expanding its testing of in-car audio and video recording.

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You Can Now See How Many One-Star Uber Ratings You’ve Received—If You Dare

No, Uber still won’t tell you which driver awarded you a one-star rating (or what you did to deserve it).

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CA Supreme Court denies lawsuit challenging Prop 22’s constitutionality | TechCrunch

The California Supreme Court today shot down the lawsuit filed by a group of rideshare drivers in California and the Service Employees International Union that alleged Proposition 22 violates the state’s constitution. “We are disappointed in the Supreme C

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Uber CEO says prices to double in small cities if voters reject Prop 22

"These are not made up estimates," Uber's CEO said at an event on Tuesday, just two weeks before voters decide on the ballot measure Prop. 22.

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Uber and Lyft shutdown in California averted as judge grants emergency stay - The Verge

Uber and Lyft will not have to shut down in California as a judge blocked an order for the companies to classify their drivers as employees.

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California Uber and Lyft drivers brace for shutdown over worker classification

Companies threatened to shut down operations over a court ruling ordering them to classify their drivers as employees by 20 August

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Uber may shut down in California if forced to classify drivers as employees, CEO says

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said the company may need to shut down in California if it loses its appeal against a judge’s ruling to classify drivers as employees. Uber and Lyft are both scrambling after the judge approved a preliminary injunction.

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Uber and Lyft ordered by California judge to classify drivers as employees - The Verge

Uber and Lyft were ordered by a California judge to classify drivers as employees. The companies said they planned to file an emergency appeal to block the ruling. It is the latest development in California’s long-running fight to upend the ride-hailing c

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Uber suspends shared rides in U.S. and Canada

Uber has suspended pooled rides in the U.S. and Canada due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

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Now the Courts Will Decide Whether Uber Drivers Are Employees | WIRED

A California law aimed at requiring gig economy companies to classify workers as employees took effect January 1. That hardly settled the matter.

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California Tried To Fine a Company $10,000 for Ordering Blind People Ubers and Lyfts Without a Permit

California regulators are trying to crack down on a company that orders Ubers for the blind and elderly. In February,

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Uber will now deactivate riders with below average ratings - The Verge

Uber has announced that anyone with a "below average rating" risks deactivation from the app. Since Uber first launched, drivers have known that low ratings from riders can lead to deactivation. Now, Uber says it will start deactivating riders w

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5 Ways Ride-Hailing Companies Like Uber and Lyft Are Hurting Cities | Inc.com

Lyft is about to IPO. That's good for early investors and employees, but it's lousy for cities.

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Uber is suing New York City... again

It's not the government's job to protect taxi companies

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A new plan would jack up the cost of ride sharing in Manhattan

New York City is an amazing place to live, but there’s one aspect of life here that undeniably sucks: transportation. Last year, crippling delays on the

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Report: GM looked into buying Lyft, was denied - Business Insider

Lyft passed on the acquisition and decided to raise another round of funding instead.

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With Uber and Lyft Gone, Ride-Hailing Startups Swarm Austin

Less than a month after Uber and Lyft left Austin over the city's regulations, at least six new companies offering similar services have launched in the city and are fighting for market share.

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How To Make $50,000 A Year By Driving For Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar - Business Insider

If you're working for Uber, you'll have to give more than 60 rides a week to make $50,000.