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Best Hoverboards

Hoverboards are a new and trending toy that makes it feel like you’re gliding across the ground. Often, it’s fitted with two wheels that roll smoothly along any flat surface, and you control it by directing your weight in the way you want the hoverbo

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This Is Why Hoverboards Keep Exploding

The fact that everyone calls them "hoverboards" is annoying, but you know what's more annoying? The fact that they keep exploding. Here's why that happens.

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Man sets Guinness World Record for farthest hoverboard flight | GrindTV.com

In a real-life ‘Back to the Future’ moment, inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru set a Guinness World Record, flying 905 feet, 2 inches over a Canadian lake.

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Tony Hawk Rides a Real Hoverboard, Lives to Skate Another Day

Yesterday, Tony Hawk finally got his feet on a Hendo Hoverboard, the world’s first flying skateboard. Until he fell off, anyway. Here's how the skatboarding king fared.

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It’s Not Quite Marty McFly, but the Hoverboard Is Here (Video) | Re/code

Consumers can now preorder their own hovering box on Kickstarter, but it only works above conductive surfaces.