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Whistleblowers Part 3

The ubiquitous Israeli MEMRI has co-opted, compromised, and corrupted U.S. Officials and other Luminaries.  All are the pawns of the Inter-Generational Organized Criminal Cartel called the Mossad.  See the list of officials below. Click on the arrow in

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UNPACKED: Who were the Mossad’s Arab Spies?

UNPACKED: Who were the Mossad’s Arab Spies?   As described in Matti Friedman’s “Spies of No Country,”iIn the fight for a Jewish homeland, Israel’s first spies gathered essential intelligence, laying the groundwork for the Mossad. Among

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Hamas exercised 'the perfect deception' before Oct. 7 - defense official

"No one understood this, not the Intelligence Corps, not the Shin Bet, nor the Mossad. Otherwise, they wouldn't have left the border unguarded."

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Netanyahu: I instructed the Mossad to act against Hamas

Netanyahu said that Israel's Mossad will act against Hamas leaders "where they are” – signaling a potential willingness to target them outside of Gaza.

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The Mossad's Top 10 Operations | Honest Reporting

From capturing Eichmann to rescuing Ethiopian Jews, a guide to the top 10 operations undertaken by Israel's notorious spy agency, the Mossad.

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Mossad reveals how Syrian intelligence tracked down Israeli spy Eli Cohen

  Israel sought to lay to rest on Monday a decades-old debate about one of its most famous spies, Eli Cohen,

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Mossad helped foil 12 attack plots on Israelis in Turkey over past 2 years

Most attacks said planned by Islamic State terror group; in wake of recent foiled alleged Iran operation, some business figures reportedly told to be extra cautious

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Mossad assassinated Iran’s chief nuke scientist with remote AI gun

Some would say that the operation succeeded in throwing Iran’s nuclear program into chaos for some months, but that Tehran has long since recovered.

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Banner Over Busy Tehran Street Reads, ‘Thank You, Mossad’

An Israeli flag draped over a sign in Tehran that reads: “Thank you, Mossad.” Photo: Twitter. JNS.org – In what …

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Operation Brothers: The Mossad’s Red Sea Diving Resort

Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

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UNPACKED - The Mossad: Inside the Missions of Israel's Elite Spy Agency

UNPACKED – The Mossad: Inside the Missions of Israel’s Elite Spy Agency Israel might be a tiny country, but its revered spy agency – the Mossad – is the stuff of legend. While there’s so much the Mossad has done that we don’t k

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The Real Story Behind Netflix’s ‘The Spy’ | CAMERA

Netflix's 2019 series, 'The Spy,' takes a look at legendary Mossad officer Eli Cohen. But as CAMERA noted in The Washington Examiner: the real

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Chris Evans is the worst Mossad agent on film, ever: Review of The Red Sea Diving Club ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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WATCH: “Captain America” as a Mossad Agent | Israellycool

Actor Chris Evans in The Red Sea Diving Resort, a drama revolving around the amazing rescue and transport of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1981.

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Steve Kramer - Intelligence - the Mossad

Steve Kramer – Intelligence – the Mossad   Lately, I’ve been watching some TV shows about Israel’s intelligence and anti-terrorism efforts. This was prompted by the wild popularity of the Israeli series, Fauda, watched by both Israeli

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Mossad recovers Israeli spy Eli Cohen's wristwatch

In special operation, the Mossad retrieved the wristwatch of Israel's spy in Damascus, Eli Cohen, who was caught by the Syrians and executed in 1965; watch was apparently sold to the Mossad by grandchildren of woman who kept it all these years.

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Israel’s Spy Agency Mossad Launches VC To Invest In Cutting-Edge Startups

The clandestine spy agency will invest in technologies including flexible robotics, biomimetics and miniaturized systems.