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Israelis don't need Marvel to show them what heroes are

What inspires Israelis is not dictated by Marvel's ironic cowardice, but by the actions of heroes like Arnon Zamora who gave his life while saving hostages from Hamas.

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Soldier killed in Gaza, raising IDF toll since Oct. 7 to 679

The slain soldier was named as Staff Sgt. Eyal Mimran from the Paratroopers Brigade.

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Israeli Yamam officer Arnon Zamora dies after rescuing hostages in Gaza - The Jerusalem Post

Arnon Zamora was fatally wounded during the rescue operation, which brought back four hostages from Hamas captivity.

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US man came to Israel for his son’s birth but joined the IDF instead

He hadn’t been on reserve duty since he left for the US, but he called his officer. They were both in shock. On October 8, Elimelech joined his tank unit, attached to a mandatory service brigade.

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When a Young Hero Dies - Chabad

There are long lives with little meaning. And there are short lives that never cease to shine.

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Mossad reveals how Syrian intelligence tracked down Israeli spy Eli Cohen

  Israel sought to lay to rest on Monday a decades-old debate about one of its most famous spies, Eli Cohen,

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Elder Of Ziyon - Remembering an incredible American Jewish WWII hero, Captain Ben L. Salomon

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.