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Take Negative COVID-19 Tests Seriously, But Not Literally

Kayleigh McEnany tested negative for COVID-19 last Thursday. She tested negative again on Friday. And on Saturday. And also on Sunday. But she wasn’t negative o…

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These students figured out their tests were graded by AI — and the easy way to cheat

Schools across the US are using Edgenuity, an online learning platform that offers virtual classes for students. Some classes involve short-answer questions that are graded by an AI — and some students have figured out how to game it.

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SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background - WSJ

The College Board plans to assign an adversity score to every student who takes the SAT to try to capture their social and economic background, jumping into the debate raging over race and class in college admissions.

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DNA tests for IQ are coming, but it might not be smart to take one - MIT Technology Review

Scientists have linked hundreds of genes to intelligence. One psychologist says it’s time to test school kids.

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Here Is The Memory Trick Backed By Science

A technique that everyone can benefit from, whatever their artistic talent.