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Protecting Dark Sky Country - NOEMA

Artificial light pollution is increasing up to 10% each year, but we can easily reduce it with dark sky protections and responsible lighting policies.

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World's rarest sea turtle lays eggs on new Galveston beach

The nesting was reportedly made possible through a beach 'renourishment' project that...

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Sea turtles on Florida's Space Coast on track to set new record for nests

Sea turtle nesting season begins in March and ends in October. Upwards of 23,000 nests have been counted on the Florida Space Coast and there's still time for this year's numbers to grow.

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8-year-old Rock Island girl starts business to save the turtles | WQAD.com

Her mom, Lori, taught Nicolina how to sew, and now she's created more than 100 metal straw pouches with a turtle twist on each one.

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Turtle Power: Giant Tortoises Have Strong Memories, High Intelligence

A new study suggests that both the overall brain power and memory skills of giant tortoises have been greatly underestimated.

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#TurtleStrong Malibu Fire Relief

Susan Cain Tellem needs your help today! #TurtleStrong Malibu Fire Relief - Hello turtle friends from Susan and Marshall at American Tortoise Rescue. Our house and the turtle hospital in Malibu burned down Friday, November 10, during one of California’s

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The Best Turtle Brownies - Averie Cooks

Turtles. The chocolate-covered caramel and pecan clusters that I can eat 5 of in 5 minutes. I love those things. But Turtle-inspired brownies are even better. These are some of the best brownies I’ve ever had, tied only with these and another versio

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When turtles become extinct, this secretive center in SC will reintroduce them

Rare turtles that could bring a hefty price on the black market live on a hidden nature preserve east of Charleston, South Carolina. The animals are victims of habitat loss and the illegal trade in wildlife that is cleaning out South Carolina swamps of im

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Threatened: A Green-Haired Turtle That Can Breathe Through Its Genitals - The New York Times

Getting on the endangered list issued by the Zoological Society of London isn’t actually about looks. Creatures have to be evolutionarily distinctive, not just weird.

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Watch Adorable Baby Turtles Crawl to the Ocean

Their perseverance will remind you not to give up

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Your Monday needs this turtle helping his upside-down friend

When one turtle spotted his buddy flipped over onto his shell, he immediately got to work helping him. He struggled, but was ultimately successful and the pair headed off for a celebratory hangout.