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Comparing Hubble to James Webb: The Difference in Detail is Astounding

Comparing the observations of James Webb and Hubble of the same area of space shows just how much more resolution Webb brings to the table.

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Jaw-dropping image combines 32 years of Hubble telescope photos into one

After celebrating 32 years of Hubble observations, a physicist has combined all of the snapshots of Hubble's exploration into one image.

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Strange Object Hidden in Dust May Be Precursor to a Supermassive Black Hole

Lurking in old observations from the Hubble Space Telescope is an intriguing object from the early universe.

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Hubble sees most distant star ever, 28 billion light-years away

The Hubble Space Telescope has glimpsed the most distant single star it's ever observed, glimmering 28 billion light-years away. The star, nicknamed Eardenel, could be between 50 to 500 times more massive than our sun, and millions of times brighter.

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Hubble telescope was at the perfect angle to capture this nearly impossible shot of two 'dancing galaxies' | Space

The Hubble Space Telescope photographs the tidal interactions of Arp 282, comprising galaxy IC 1559 and galaxy NGC 169.

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Assessing The Habitability of Planets Around Old Red Dwarfs

A new study using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope gives new insight into an important question: how habitable are planets that orbit the most common type of stars in the Galaxy? The target of the new study, as reported in our press release, is Barnard's Star, which is one of the closest stars to Earth at a distance of just 6 light years.

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Space Photos of the Week: Happy Birthday, Hubble! | WIRED

Every year on the telescope's birthday, we're the ones who get a gift: a brilliant and never-before-seen snapshot of the cosmos.

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Ant Nebula | Flickr

From ground-based telescopes, the so-called "ant nebula" (Menzel 3, or Mz 3) resembles the head and thorax of a garden-variety ant.

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Hubble captures mysterious nebula in gorgeous new image – BGR

You might think that with so many telescopes at its disposal NASA and the astronomy community at large would have plenty of time to gaze at whatever they want, but space is just so big that even some of the most interesting anomalies in the sky fall throu

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Galaxy Distorted by Long-Ago Collision Glows in Gorgeous Hubble Photo

The misshapen galaxy NGC 3256, the product of a long-ago merger between two spiral galaxies, shines in a newly released photo captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Hubble Telescope Discovers a Light-Bending 'Einstein Ring' in Space

The perfect circle surrounding a galaxy cluster in a new Hubble Space Telescope image is a visual indicator of the huge masses that are bending time and space in that region.

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NASA Hubble telescope snaps Icarus, most distant star seen yet - CNET

The space telescope brings us a look at Icarus, the farthest star ever seen, thanks to an assist from a cosmic magnifying glass.

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Hubble Telescope Views Blistering Pitch-Black Planet WASP-12b

Twice the size of any planet in our solar system, WASP-12b has the capability to trap at least 94% of the visible starlight falling into its atmosphere.

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Hubble Space Telescope Catches a Glimpse of 'Fireworks' in Nearby Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope captured a celestial fireworks show in a miniature galaxy, coming just in time for the Fourth of July. The galaxy, named Kiso 5639, is located 82 million light-years away from Earth. A photo released by NASA shows just how busy

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Hubble Reveals Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected

Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers reveal that the universe is expanding 5 percent to 9 percent faster than expected. “This surprising finding may be an important clue to understanding those mysterious parts of the universe that make up

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Hubble just captured one of the coolest photos of Mars ever taken | The Verge

A week ago, astronomers used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to take this striking image of the Red Planet as it was 50 million miles away from Earth. The photo shows Mars' rusty landscape, its polar...

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3 new Earth-like planets found Researchers say the discovery opens up rich new territory in the search for extraterrestrial life

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Astronomers searching for life beyond our solar system may need to look no farther than a little, feeble nearby star.

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Hubble Telescope Captures Sharpest Image Yet of Mysterious Red Rectangle

The Red Rectangle is so named because of its strange shape and striking color. But this stellar nebula looks more like a cosmic "X" in this new image from Hubble.

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NASA plans its next giant space telescope, and it’s so much cooler than Hubble

With each new innovation, NASA seems to dwarf its previous accomplishments, and this certainly appears to be the case for the agency’s latest and greatest space telescope. Promising to make Hubble look like child’s play, the Wide-Field Infrared Surv

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This Gorgeous Image From Hubble Shines New Light On Old Cosmic Mystery

Holy Hubble! It's been almost 25 years since the Hubble Space Telescope was deployed in 1990, but the orbiting observatory keeps sending exciting new images. Just check out one of Hubble's latest images below, featuring a brilliant globular cluste...

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Hubble telescope spots bizarre 'string of pearls' formation in space

NASA's Hubble Space Telescop has captured imaged of a 100,000-light-year-long string of star clusters wrapping around the cores of two merging galaxies.

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Stunning Hubble Telescope View Reveals Deep View of Universe (Video, Image)

A new photo from NASA's Hubble space telescope captures a variety of celestial objects both near and far, providing a glimpse of many different stages of cosmic history all at once. The Hubble image, released Thursday (April 17), is a 14-hour exposur