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One of the brightest stars in the sky will 'blink out' on Dec. 12. Here's how to watch. | Live Science

Betelgeuse, the most famous red supergiant star and one of the sky's brightest, will disappear for up to 12 seconds during an ultra-rare occultation by asteroid 319 Leona.

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Iconic Star Betelgeuse Will Temporarily Vanish From the Sky Next Week

In a rare cosmic event, an asteroid will eclipse Betelgeuse on December 11, causing a brief but significant disappearance of this bright, red star.

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White Dwarf Star Enters Its Crystallization Era, Turning Into A 'Cosmic Diamond'

To us, stars may resemble cut jewels, glittering coldly against the velvet darkness of the night sky.

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Astronomers Witness a Dying Star Reach Its Explosive End – W. M. Keck Observatory

The Keck Observatory telescopes on Maunakea in Hawaii, are the world’s largest optical and infrared telescopes. Keck Observatory's vision is to advance the frontiers of astronomy and share our discoveries with the world.

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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction 2020

The two planets will merge in the night sky on the winter solstice, appearing the closest to each other since the 17th century.

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Assessing The Habitability of Planets Around Old Red Dwarfs

A new study using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope gives new insight into an important question: how habitable are planets that orbit the most common type of stars in the Galaxy? The target of the new study, as reported in our press release, is Barnard's Star, which is one of the closest stars to Earth at a distance of just 6 light years.

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Huge red star might explode soon and next few weeks are critical - CNET

Betelgeuse has been very volatile lately, and astronomers are watching to determine if it's terminal or just going through a phase.

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Scientists find huge world of hidden galaxies, changing our understanding of the universe | The Independent

Scientists have found a vast array of hidden galaxies, which together could change our understanding of how the universe works. The mysterious galaxies, which were previously unknown to researchers, were discovered by a breakthrough new approach that allo

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Evidence of 14B year-old 'time machine' star found 35,000 light-years from Earth | Fox News

Astronomers have found evidence of one of the oldest stars in the universe, a star that lived 13.8 billion years ago, nestled inside a star that's nearly as old.

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NASA Captures Exploding Star

NASA scientists captured images of a supernova, or an exploding star, for the first time and we are totally transfixed by the video. While NASA has been able

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Black Hole Belches Bright Radio Flashes as It Devours Nearby Star

Black holes are voracious eaters, but they don't have the nicest table manners.

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Astronomers glimpse cosmic dawn, when the stars switched on

WASHINGTON (AP) — After the Big Bang, it was cold and black. And then there was light. Now, for the first time, astronomers have glimpsed that dawn of the universe 13.6 billion years ago when the earliest stars were turning on the light in the cosmic da

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Are Quark Stars Possible?

Scientists don't yet know if ultradense quark stars can exist out in the universe.

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Betelgeuse: The impending Supernova you need to know about

Check out this incredible video of the Betelgeuse 'killer' star - 1,400 times larger than our Sun that would swallow up Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and even Jupiter. The Betelgeuse star is a famous one among amateur astronomers not only for its size and b

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Superluminal Speeds (faster than light)

This video features Professor Mike Merrifield from the University of Nottingham explaining a star appearing to a break the faster than light law.

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Want to feel really small? Meet UY Scuti, the largest star in the universe

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered just how big those twinkling lights really are? Meet UY Scuti, a star nearly 1,700 time larger than our Sun and the biggest in our galaxy.

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Rare Astrological Event: January 7th 2017 All Planets Are Moving Direct

Starting January 7th and going through February 6th, 2017, all of the major planets will be moving direct (forward). Ancients saw this as a time of great

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Stellar Star Comparison Video Puts Almost Everything Into Perspective | Nerdist

In the span of a few hundred years, humans have gone from feeling very big — at the center of literally everything — to very small. We can thank science for

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Newly Discovered Strange Planet Has 3 Suns

The planet is believed to be a relatively young 16 million years old. Exoplanets are planets that orbit a star other than our sun. "For much of the planet's year, the stars appear close together, giving it a familiar night side and day si

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NHL Playoffs Takeaways: Stars, Predators each force a Game 7

Here are the key takeaways from Monday night's playoff games.

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WATCH: Blues win Game 2 in OT after costly Stars penalty - CBSSports.com

Antoine Roussel's penalty in overtime gave David Backes an opportunity to score the game winning goal for the St. Louis Blues.

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Dallas Stars speed away from St. Louis Blues to take Game 1 | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Stars started the game hot and continued to pour it on, outshooting the Blues 14-6 in the first period and then 17-11 in the second period.

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NHL Playoffs Takeaways: Capitals, Stars and Islanders move on - CBSSports.com

Here are the key takeaways from all of Sunday's action in the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Shockwave of an exploding star seen for the first time - CNN.com

It lasted only 20 minutes and took place 1.2 billion light years away, but NASA managed to catch it on camera: a star exploding.

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I’m STILL Not Sayin’ Aliens. But This Star Is Really Weird.

A star that made headlines due to weird brightness dips—leading to speculations of aliens building structures around it—is even weirder than we thought.

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Jaw-dropping Andromeda galaxy photo comprises 37 hours of exposure

A pair of "backyard" astrophotographers have collaborated to produce a stunning image of our nearest galactic neighbour.

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We're One Step Closer to Understanding a Moon That Could Be Home to Alien Life

Finding life elsewhere would end our cosmic isolation: if there is life in our own planetary backyard, then life is probably common throughout the universe. These enticing possibilities are why my colleagues and I have spent 17 years developing a spacecra

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Scientists discover black hole so big it contradicts growth theory - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: By Colin Packham SYDNEY (Reuters) - Scientists say they have discovered a black hole so big that it challenges the theory about how they grow. Scientists said this black hole was formed about 900 million years after the Big Bang. "Ba

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This Video Lets You Travel at the Speed of Light (Sort Of)

Riding Light is a 45-minute short film/animation that attempts to recreate what it would be like to hitch a ride on the back of a photon and travel from the core of the sun to beyond the orbit of Jupiter. Be prepared to feel completely insignificant.

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Stars Pitch In After Famous Beverly Hills Dog Allegedly Kidnapped

A celebrity-backed dog hunt is on in Beverly Hills after one of the city’s most well-known pooches was allegedly snatched on the street. Surveillance video shows the dog, a White Maltese named Charlie, walking down the street followed by a woman and a c

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The Stars Dress to Kill at 2014 LACMA

View the The Stars Dress to Kill at 2014 LACMA photo gallery on Yahoo Celebrity. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

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Getzlaf shines to help Ducks hold off Stars

NHL Hockey Recap: Final statistics from the Dallas vs. Anaheim game played on April 18, 2014

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Ducks hold off Stars 4-3 in opener

Ryan Getzlaf spent the final seconds of the Anaheim Ducks' playoff opener in the dressing room with a large ice bag pressed to a nasty cut on his left cheek. Playoff success usually requires a little discomfort, and the Ducks got a good taste of both