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Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020 | Investor's Business Daily

This year's exit polls show again that hindsight is 20-20.  The 2018 vote suggest to Democrats that, despite gains, Trump still has a political edge.

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NFL Legend Jim Brown Backs Trump In 2020, Says Support Will 'Make Me Very Unpopular In The Black Community'

Nobody messes with Jim Brown. Comedian Richard Pryor, who famously caught on fire while freebasing cocaine, once joked that the same fate would not have befallen Brown. "Fire don’t mean s*** to Jim. Fire jumped on Jim once. He said, 'Hey!' " P

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The future of the GOP looks a lot like this fast-growing community in Florida

Will Trump get re-elected in 2020? It could come down to America’s most reliable voters: baby boomers