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Astronomers Unveil Technique For Finding Exoplanets And Any Signs Of Life On Them

Exoplanets around white dwarf stars are particularly hard to find. But a new method involving the James Webb Space Telescope could soon reveal them

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10 amazing exoplanet discoveries

Astronomers continue to exoplanet discoveries around distant stars — here are the most intriguing finds so far.

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TESS Finds First Nearby Super-Earth (and it may be Habitable)

A trio of planets found in a nearby solar system offer one world that could have water, and maybe life!

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NASA's New Spacecraft Takes First Photo, Finds First Exoplanet

NASA's TESS spacecraft just took its first photo of the night sky, and researchers using that image have found a planet around another star.

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Astronomers captured the first image of a baby planet

Thanks to European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Very Large Telescope, a group of astronomers have taken the first photograph of a planet being formed around a y...

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Scientists found a new Earth-sized planet nearby… and it might be habitable

Forget Mars, scientists have discovered a new Earth-sized, possibly habitable, planet just 11 light years away. Known as Ross 128b, the newly discovered..

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Hubble Telescope Views Blistering Pitch-Black Planet WASP-12b

Twice the size of any planet in our solar system, WASP-12b has the capability to trap at least 94% of the visible starlight falling into its atmosphere.

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NASA's Trappist-1 Planets Could Be Seeding Each Other with Alien Life

In February, NASA announced the discovery of seven potentially habitable planets within the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, just 40 light years from Earth. Scientists have now discovered that if life does exist it could be passed between the planets via space d

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GJ 1132b: Atmosphere rich in water detected around alien 'Earth-like' planet

Scientists have detected what they believe to be an atmosphere around an Earth-like exoplanet. The planet, GJ 1132b, is a super-Earth located 39 light years away, and research currently indicates it has an atmosphere rich in water and methane – potentia

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Space buffs drool as NASA announces a major 'discovery beyond our solar system'

NASA will host a news conference on Wednesday to discuss recent discoveries of planets beyond our solar system. The even will begin at 1 p.m. ET. The public are invited to ask questions via Twitter with the hashtag #askNASA.