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Quantum batteries could charge by breaking our understanding of time

Causality is key to our experience of reality: dropping a glass, for example, causes it to smash, so it can’t smash before it’s dropped. But scientists have now demonstrated how that understanding of time can be violated to charge a quantum battery.

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US Coast Guard recommends shippers avoid loading EVs with saltwater-damaged Li-ion batteries onto vessels

The US Coast Guard has issued a Marine Safety Alert (01-23) recommending that shippers avoid loading EVs with Li-ion batteries that have been damaged by saltwater. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), residual salt with

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Apple to warn iPhone users about update impact - BBC News

The tech giant must tell customers if a software update will slow down their iPhone, UK regulator has said.

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How to replace your iPhone battery: The ultimate guide | iMore

Need an iPhone battery replacement? Here's everything you need to know to DIY (do-it-yourself) replace a dead or dying battery in your iPhone!

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The Battery Boost We’ve Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Years Out - WSJ

Lithium-ion batteries get a little bit better every year, but capacity is about to get a much-needed major lift, thanks to nanotechnology and a shift in materials.

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UC Irvine Accidentally Invents a Battery that Lasts Forever

Joins Play-Doh and champagne as the world’s best unintended innovations.

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Researchers accidentally discover a way to make batteries last basically forever | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation,

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have successfully incorporated nanowire technology into a new battery that can withstand hundreds of thousands of charging cycles.

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What Are Capacitors and Will They Really Charge Your Phone in Seconds?

Your phone died. Again. In these scenarios, who among us has not dreamed the dream of a future where our devices charge instantly and last forever. As capacitors—or even more exciting, ultracapacitors—get better and better at storing energy, they coul

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How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way

Your smartphone is a minor miracle, a pocket-sized computer that can fulfill almost every whim. But none of its superpowers matter a bit if it runs out of juice. With removable batteries becoming more and more rare, you've got to take good care of the one

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Better Battery Life And Faster Charging: 11 Tricks For The iPhone 6

So you’ve bought your iPhone 6 and your wallet is looking depressingly slim, but now what? The iPhone 6, together with iOS 8.1, comes with a range of new features that you might yet not be aware of. READ: iPhone 6: The 5 Best Reasons To Buy One Did you