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              18 Things Attorneys Actually Said While In Court - Trendzified

              Ha! So many of these got absolutely hilarious responses from witnesses!

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                  Obituary blames man's death on Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl play -

                  They blamed his death on the Seattle Seahawks' play that was intercepted with only seconds left in the game.

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                  The Latest Edition of ‘Musical Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ Does Not Disappoint - NewsLinQ

                  People write very nasty things on Twitter. From time to time on this program, we shine a light on that.

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                      35 Tattoo Fails That You Have To See Once - Trendzified

                      While no one should be judged on what they do with their own bodies, that doesn't make these any easier to deal with. Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing, as is spell-check.

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                        27 Of The Worst Haircuts Ever - NewsLinQ

                        I have had many funny hilarious haircuts over the years but none as bad as #5 LOL!

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                          The Most Craziest Fart Story Ever. This Is Priceless.

                          This story was submitted to us by Jenner May...after reading this I am laughing so hard I'm crying but only because I can see myself doing something like this! Thank you for this great, hilarious story. Source [hahasforhoohas]

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                              Watch old people react to Kim Kardashian's naked pictures -

                              Video shows old folks reacting to Kim's Paper magazine cover where she -- as you surely remember -- greased herself up and mooned the world.

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                                The 15 craziest (and rudest) things ever said to flight attendants

                                If there’s any group of people who have seen and heard everything, it’s flight attendants. Maybe it’s the recycled oxygen, the access to booze, or the cabin pressure, but air passengers say the dar...

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                                  9 Funniest Texting Pranks Ever. Wow, I Wish I Had This Guy's Creativity and Skills! - NewsLinQ

                                  Everyone loves a good prank now and then. This guy has been pranking random strangers by text for years. His funniest moments are so evil but so darn funny. Each one I read got funnier and funnier. 3 probably made me laugh the hardest. Enjoy! 1. The Epic

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                                        Woman Gets Perfect Revenge On Her Ex-Husband Who Took The House - NewsLinQ

                                        Divorce can be messy and emotional. This is especially true if your partner is leaving you for someone else. In this story, one woman gets the perfect revenge.

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                                            E Meth SNL Commercial Ft Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad

                                            E - Meth SNL Commercial Spoof (Ft Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad) E - Meth SNL Commercial Spoof (Ft Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad) E - Meth SNL Commercial Spo...

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