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HonestReporting Joins Blackout After Barrage of Twitter Antisemitism | HonestReporting

  HonestReporting is joining a widespread 48-hour Twitter ‘blackout’ after the musician known as Wiley was allowed to tweet incitement against Jews

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UK chief rabbi accuses Facebook and Twitter of 'complicity' in anti-Semitism

At start of 2-day social media boycott, Ephraim Mirvis lambastes social media platforms for failing to remove posts inciting hatred and violence against Jews

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Couple Who Wore Face Masks Bearing the Nazi Flag Swears They Aren't Nazis

Despite the months of pundits and reporters arguing that wearing a face mask shouldn’t be a political statement, there’s a select few assholes who think taking basic measures to keep the current global pandemic from raging on is an affront to their civil