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How Ken Burns Misuses the Holocaust

Ken Burns’s documentaries blend striking visuals of still photos or archival film with colorful and often insightful analysis and narration. But his skill as

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Palestinian Television Claims Images of Holocaust Victims Show Arabs Killed by Jews

A composite image of victims at the Nazi concentration camp of Nordhausen (right) and the same image broadcast by Palestinian …

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He Survived Nazi Concentration Camps – His Message On Border Security Will Silence The Media

'This is a country club'

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FDR wanted Jews ‘spread thin’ and kept out of U.S., documents reveal

New documents revealed by the FDR library shows the president's secret plans to resettle Jews out of Europe.

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Why this Holocaust survivor still wears his concentration camp uniform | New York Post

Ed Mosberg’s hands stay steady as he slips into the striped cotton jacket and matching cap — an outfit identical to one he was issued 75 years ago, as a...

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The BBC Flew A Drone Over Auschwitz. What They Caught On Film Sent Chills Down My Spine | Greenville Gazette

Recently, a drone flown by the BBC was flown over the remains of Auschwitz. This was one of the most infamous concentration camps from WWII and the release of the footage is timely, as the

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Israel's Anthem Played on Salvaged Holocaust Violins | The Jewish Standard

Musical instruments stolen and damaged during the Holocaust was a common occurrence, oft forgotten due to the magnitude of the atrocities committed overall upon humans.

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Photos reveal rising anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany in 1935 - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews

Jewish Scene: Eighty years ago, two Jewish journalists sent a Dutch photographer to document anti-Semitism in Third Reich and expose true face of Nazi party to the world, but international media didn't print photos.

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Holocaust survivor and American rescuer have touching reunion after 70 years

Jewish Scene: Images capture emotional moment as former Dachau prisoner salutes soldier who liberated him; 'I am eternally grateful.'

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Auschwitz survivors, 70 years on | Reuters.com

Auschwitz death camp survivor Jadwiga Bogucka (maiden name Regulska), 89, who was registered with camp number 86356, poses for a portrait in Warsaw, January 12, 2015. During the Warsaw Uprising in August, 1944, when Bogucka was 19, she and her mother were sent from their house to a camp in Pruszkow and then moved on August 12, 1944 by train to Auschwitz-Birkenau. About 1.5 million people, most of them Jews, were killed at the Nazi camp.

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Anti-Israel activists disrupt NYC Council vote commemorating liberation of Auschwitz

Anti-Israel activists disrupted a NYC Council vote commemorating liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp.

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The 1943 Rosh Hashanah Escape of Jews in Denmark

As Rosh Hashanah ticked away, 13-year-old Leo Goldberger hid in the thick brush along the shore of Dragor, a small fishing village south of Copenhagen.

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California school district cancels lesson plan that involved Holocaust denial

A storm of criticism – including at least one death threat – has led a California school district to cancel a lesson plan that instructed middle school students to make arguments supporting Holocaust denial.