Silver Coins Dating to Maccabean Revolt Found in Judean Desert

A cache of silver coins hidden some 2,200 years ago in the Judean Desert and discovered in May 2022. Photo: …

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2,200-year-old coin hoard gives hard proof of Book of Maccabees, say archaeologists

Trove of silver coins -- two months' average salary -- documents bloody persecution preceding the famous Hanukkah revolt when Jews fled to the desert, as written in I Maccabees 2:29

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A Call to Action: Join the Maccabees

A giant menorah is lit up to celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. …

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Bones of Hashmoneans were being destroyed by the Palestinian Authority; remains saved and re-interred during Chanukah

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Modern Maccabees: Scope of Jewish resistance to Nazis highly underestimated

Display at London’s Wiener Holocaust Library from December 8 reveals often underestimate rescue efforts and armed uprisings, as Jews fought back against their persecutors