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Leslie Jones Makes Sexual Jokes About New MLK Statue but Tells “White People” to Stay Quiet

The former Saturday Night Live player told viewers, “I know Dr. King went down in history, but this is not how you show it.”

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Hate-Spewing Black Man in New York: ‘Blacks Can’t Be Racist’

A quintessential example of “privileged racism” was on display in New York City and caught on video as a Black man continuously spewed...

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Black Lives Matter Declares Solidarity with Palestinians

The BLM organization said Monday it stands in "solidarity with Palestinians," adding it is working to end "settler colonialism."

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Past Video Where LeBron James Discusses “White People” Explains A Lot About His “Racial” Actions Today

A telling old video that just resurfaced provides clues to the recent Ma'Khia Bryant tantrum thrown by racial justice warrior LeBron James.

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Alan Dershowitz: Maxine Waters’ Comments Were ‘Borrowed’ From The ‘Playbook Of The Ku Klux Klan’

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz on Monday slammed Congresswoman Maxine Waters' (D-CA) comments about activists needing to "get more confrontational”

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Black Lives Matter protesters tell people dining on the sidewalk to ‘stay the f**k out of New York’

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