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Jill Biden’s SOTU Guest: Far-Left, Fake ‘Whistleblower’ Frances Haugen

Democrat first lady Jill Biden invited far-left former Facebook employee and fake ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen to attend the SOTU event.

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Joe Biden Speaks in Houston, What Follows Should Make You Question Everything

This isn't normal, and we should stop pretending it is.

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Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is Garbage Because Her Dissertation Is Garbage

You can tell someone is smarting from an inferiority complex when he insists on being addressed as “Dr.” on the basis of holding an academic doctorate rather than being a physician. Ph.D. holders who have genuine accomplishments don’t make you call them “

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WSJ Editor Defiant In Face Of ‘Political Censors’ Enraged At Op-Ed Urging Jill Biden To Drop ‘Dr.’

The editor of the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal hit back against those who took issue with an op-ed the paper published last week urging Jill

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Jill Biden: Who is the next first lady?

She's set to become the first First Lady to keep working in the role. Who is Jill Biden?

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Jill Biden’s First Husband: Here’s The Real Story Of How Jill and Joe Met

According to Jill Biden’s first husband, Bill Stevenson, the story she and her present husband, prospective Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, tell of how they met after she divorced Stevenson is not true. Stevenson claims Joe Biden was having a