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PODCAST | Warning Against The Fed’s Quest For A Central Bank Digital Currency

Listen now (46 min) | If you regularly read or listen – hopefully you do both – you know I am no fan of the Federal Reserve. From its genesis on Jekyll Island to its mishandling of crisis after crisis to its unholy relationship with the World Bankers

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Digital Currency and You - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The most egregious act that brought the world’s attention to the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy was when Justin Trudeau ordered banks to freeze the accounts not only of peaceful protesters but also of their financial supporters and even some pe

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SUNDAY DIGEST: Russian Medical Watchdog Group Reveals Data Suggesting Putin Is Being Treated for Thyroid Cancer

Russian Medical Watchdog Group Reveals Data Suggesting Putin Is Being Treated for Thyroid Cancer A report from a Russian health watchdog group, Proekt (The Project) reveals that Vladimir Putin secretly took visits from a doctor specializing in thyroid can

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There’s Something Happening Here, What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear...

In a world where it is impossible to fully believe we are getting even a portion of the truth from the mainstream media, and where divining the facts online about any given matter is a dubious task, points of view with solid arguments are a premium.

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PODCAST: CRT, IMF & WEF: The Hostile Takeover of the United States

A small group of organized and steadfast ideologues are on a quest to fundamentally transform the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic to an oligarchy, run by the global elites based in the Communist Chinese economic model of control. W

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Amazon Makes the Move to Accept Bitcoin Payments by End of Year

Following an increasingly popular path, e-commerce giant Amazon.com has signaled it will begin to accept Bitcoin payments by the end of...

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Federal Reserve’s Powell Misses the Point on Digital Currency

A recent statement by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell addressing the potential adoption of a central bank digital currency...

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Are China & the US Government Colluding to Attack Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies?

Two pressures, both based on false-narrative and self-serving fear-mongering, saw cryptocurrencies dive overnight. The first in an...

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China Makes Its Move to Displace the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency

As the world flirts with the dangerous move of digitizing currency, it is unsurprising that the totalitarian Communist Chinese regime...

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Congressman Correct in Calling into Question the Risks Associated with Moving to a Digital Dollar

One astute Republican Congressman is raising the right questions about the implementation of digital currencies, as central banks around...

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World Economic Forum-Endorsed ‘Great Reset’ Seeks to Eliminate Currency, Private Property

With the results of the 2020 General Election soon to be discovered, the next great threat on the horizon –

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The Last Days Of Banking Heir Matthew Mellon

Matthew Mellon’s death in Mexico raises many unanswered questions, including what will happen to the estimated $500 million of XRP digital currency he owned. “I am trying to live a responsible life,” he told Forbes earlier this year.