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Hunter Biden Business Partner’s Testimony Tightens Joe’s Burisma Noose | National Review

The younger Biden reportedly put Burisma executives in touch with his father, who was then vice president.

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REPORT: Burisma Founder Who Allegedly Bribed Joe and Hunter Biden Is a Russian Asset

Jennifer Van Laar, at our sister site RedState, just dropped a bombshell exclusive report about the founder of Bursima:
Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky, who allegedly paid a total of $10 mi...

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Fmr WH Stenographer: ‘Biden Is a Criminal and I’ve Got the Evidence’

A stenographer in the Obama Admin, Mike McCormick, says while working on Air Force One he was a witness to Biden orchestrating kickback scheme, & ultimately went to the FBI — but they have unsurprisingly failed to follow-up on his report, which he filed under penalty of perjury.

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Biden Allows the Mask to Slip; Exposes a Key Tactic of the Transformative Left

It was a comment that almost certainly found Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod – as well as the army of far-Left activists and operatives at their disposal – cringing. Of all of the gaffes and misstatements President Biden has made in the short time h

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Another Biden Nominee with a Corrupt, Questionable Past Past: DoJ

It seems as though every day the Biden administration is attempting to place another corrupt or connected appointment into a sensitive...

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DoJ Investigating Burisma-Linked Democrat Firm for Illegal Lobbying

The Biden Justice Department has placed a Clinton-connected Democrat consulting firm in its sights for illegal lobbying activity on...

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Burisma Revisited

Joe Biden is a classic corrupt politician. He has used his decades in public office to enrich himself and his family in a manner that we usually associate with graft-seeking politicians of the 19th Century. The Burisma story, from which the Democratic Par

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Impeachment Whistleblower May Be Implicated in Biden-Burisma

On Wednesday night, Trump lawyer Patrick Philbin warned that the whistleblower who got the ball rolling on impeachment may himself be implicated in the Joe Biden-Burisma conflict of interest. America doesn't know because Schiff won't let Republicans ask t