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17 Best Chili Recipes to Make Year After Year

These classic chili recipes and twists on old favorites are perfect when the weather gets cold. If you're looking for recipes to try, we've rounded up some of our favorites, from winter vegetable chili to quick three-bean chili. Grab your Dutch oven or la

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Healthy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

This Vegetarian Chili recipe is utterly delicious, super healthy, and packed with vegetables, pantry staples, like beans and tomatoes-- and is filled with smokey flavor!

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TikToker Finds 'The Office' Chili Recipe in Peacock's Terms and Conditions

If you scroll all the way through the user agreement for NBC's streaming service Peacock, you'll find an unexpected reward.

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South Your Mouth: The BEST Hot Dog Chili (SERIOUSLY!)

A Coney Island style recipe for fine, tender meaty chili sauce perfect for Chili Dogs and Chili Cheese Fries that took me almost a decade to perfect!

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Halftime Chili (Easy Beer Chili!) | Valerie's Kitchen

This hearty Halftime Chili is deliciously seasoned and chock full of beef, beans, and beer. Easy prep for a delicious halftime meal!

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The secret ingredient you should be using in your chili

Chili is one dish for which it seems like everybody and their dog has their very own recipe, and that recipe, of course, owes its success to a super-secret ingredient that makes all the difference. Most of them sound pretty decent — beer, sriracha,

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Halftime Chili Recipe | Bon Appetit

When the big game rolls around, there's only one halftime chili that packs as much of a wallop as a defensive lineman on game day.

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FAMOUS Chasen's Chili

Adapted from the famous Chasen's Hollywood restaurant recipe which was a favorite with actors including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

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Asian Sweet Chili Chicken - Dinner, then Dessert

Asian Sweet Chili Chicken is so crispy, sticky, sweet, slightly spicy and completely addicting you won't even miss your favorite Asian takeout.

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Southern Style Homemade Hot Dog Chili - The Country Cook

This Southern Style Homemade Hot Dog Chili with ground beef and without beans can be made in advance and kept in a slow cooker to keep warm while serving.

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Calabrian Chili is a truly unique and special ingredient

Calabrian Chili offers a combination and variety of tastes that is simply unique, and could really be that special ingredient you have been looking for.

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Easy Ground Beef Chili | Cook's Country

Making chili doesn’t have to be an all-day affair: Our complex, savory ground-beef version is on the table in about an hour.

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Crock Pot Chili & Sweet Cornbread - The Country Cook

Crock Pot Chili and Sweet Southern Cornbread is the perfect meal to come home to. Not only is this recipe easy but it packs so much flavor!

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Tonna's Hot Dog Sauce

Directions: 1.Place raw ground chuck in a large Dutch oven. Cover with water 2. Stir over high heat until brown and very finely crumbled 3. Drain and return to pan 4. Add beef broth. Bring to a boil, uncovered. Reduce heat to a simmer 5. Add spices 6. Coo

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Chinese Chili Recipe

This version of chili is more Shanghai than Southwest Serve it with rice, Mexican black beans mixed with some Chinese fermented black beans and Chinese fried noodles.

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Grilled Sweet Chili Lime Chicken | The Recipe Critic

Delicious and easy  grilled chicken with a sweet chili lime glaze.  The flavor is amazing and will be one of the best things you grill this summer! I sure do love summer.  And me and my kiddos are having a blast.  And by having a blast I mean giving t