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Chef-Approved Ground Beef Meatball Casserole Recipe Is a Fantastic Dinner

The hot Italian sausage in this meatball casserole recipe provides a little extra kick. This easy cheesy ground beef meatball casserole is one of my all-time favorite recipes to make. The easy meatballs are a combination of ground beef, Italian sausage, o

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South Your Mouth: Sweet Potato Praline Casserole

A classic Southern casserole recipe made with whipped sweet potatoes crowned with a pecan praline topping perfect for Thanksgiving or alongside your Christmas ham.

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Loaded Sweet Potato Casserole - Sweet and Savory Meals

Sweet Potato Casserole is such a classic and traditional dish. Elevated and made even better with a cinnamon filling and buttery cinnamon pecan topping.

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Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Casserole - Soulfully Made

Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Casserole is a no fuss, belly filling meal packed full of saucy chicken and cheesy deliciousness, perfect for a busy day. *Soulfully Made is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising

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Corn Casserole

You can make this Blue Ribbon winning corn casserole in 40 minutes with only 10 minute prep time. Directions for Corn Casserole: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Combine all ingredients but half of the cheese in a bowl. 3. Pour into a large, greased 13x

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Cheesy, Beefy Stuffed Pasta Shells & Video | Comfortable Food

I pretty much love pasta in any shape or form, and these Stuffed Pasta Shells with Meat are pretty much no exception.  They're pretty much like little pockets of deconstructed lasagna deliciousness - what could possibly be wrong with that?  They do

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Cabbage Roll Casserole & Video | Comfortable Food

This Cabbage Roll Casserole is probably the most popular recipe on this site - and for good reason, it's ridiculously delicious! Heat 2 tbsp of the olive oil in a deep skillet or pot over medium heat and saute the onion for about 3 - 4 minutes, until