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How to Get the Freshest Meat and Seafood From Wherever You Shop | MyRecipes

These simple tips will help you secure the freshest possible cut of meat or piece of fish every time

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Israeli test-tube steak smells real, feels real… and may even be kosher

Startup Aleph Farms Ltd. reproduces cells, creating first lab-made steak; it will take a few years until it makes its way to our plates

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Farmers should 'smile' at their livestock to produce better meat

Farmers should try to look happy around their livestock to make sure the meat tastes better after slaughter, a new study suggests.

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Why Marinating Your Grilled Meat Is Completely Unnecessary

You know the phrase, "let marinate for 2 hours?" You can forget it.

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It's not 'meat' in Missouri unless it comes from an animal

Meat must come from animals, not plants or labs, according to the new law.

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Opinion | Antibiotics in Meat Could Be Damaging Our Guts - The New York Times

The F.D.A. banned the use of antibiotics for growth promotion in animals last year. One organic cattle farmer is sure the ban is being flouted.

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The Health Risks of Eating Meat That Cause Me to Become Pescatarian

According to the Yale College Vegetarian Society, up to 80 percent of cancer cases are preventable through healthy diets.

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How To Be a Better, Smarter, Happier Meat Eater

Sure, you've heard that red meat is cruel and unsustainable—but it’s so delicious! Which is why we begged Mark Bittman to reconcile our principles with our appetites, and teach us the new rules of red meat.

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Passover Brisket

Okay. I think we’ve more than established that when it comes to correct methods for cooking and serving Passover food, I am not the authority to consult. You want chocolate sheet cake that us…

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This Culver City restaurant has a nine-page beer list

At the Cannibal — the meat-centered New York import anchoring Culver City’s Platform retail and restaurant development — beer is given as much consideration as the sustainably farmed and heritage meats on the menu. 

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Quick & Easy Thai Basil Beef Recipe | Little Spice Jar

A quick and easy 20 minute recipe for thai basil beef. Only a few ingredients and is totally a takeout fake out! Even better than the restaurants version!

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Eating Pork can be Hazardous to your Health

When I was studying in England I used to live in a "dig" (rooming house) in Highgate, North London. There were Chinese students from Malaysia, Singapore, Sarawak, Hong Kong and Vietnam rooming in the two houses that faced each other. We were all

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Should We Continue to Feed Antibiotics to Livestock?

Currently 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are given to poultry and livestock.