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10 Best Grill Baskets on Amazon 2024 | Shopping : Food Network | Food Network

We're sharing the best grill baskets available on Amazon that are perfect for cooking veggies, fish, shrimp and more on your gas or charcoal grill.

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The Best Way to Grill Chicken | The Kitchn

We tried six different methods — dry brining, wet brining, marinating, and more — to find the very best way to get juicy grilled chicken.

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7 Tips for Better Barbecue, According to a BBQ Master

We asked Myron Mixon—a.k.a. the winningest man in barbeque—for some tips to help you nail it this barbecue season.

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This Is What Makes A.1. Steak Sauce So Delicious

A.1. steak sauce has something of a cult following, and it all comes down to the perfectly balanced flavors. Discover all of the elements involved.

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Buttermilk Chicken Recipe | She Wears Many Hats

A quick and easy grilled or baked Buttermilk Chicken recipe that is full of flavor and no fuss.

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Sticky Chicken

There will never be too many ways to barbecue chicken. In this recipe, molasses and apricot jam lend a deliciously sweet and sticky glaze to a summertime grilling staple.

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Gordon Ramsay teaches us what goes into making the perfect burger

Gordon Ramsay knows the kind of magic every burger needs: "The secret is in the blend."

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How to Grill Burgers: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Grilled Burger

When grilling burgers, it's easy to make mistakes. Adam Perry Lang tells us 18 of the most common things you're doing wrong.

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How to Grill: Expert Tips and Tricks for Grilling All Summer Long - Thrillist

We hit up chefs and experts from around the country for some crazy simple advice on how to upgrade your summer grilling.

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How to Grill the Best Vegetables of Your Life | MyRecipes

With some simple guidelines, you can grill any vegetable like a champ.

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Why Marinating Your Grilled Meat Is Completely Unnecessary

You know the phrase, "let marinate for 2 hours?" You can forget it.

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What's Really Inside a Hot Dog?

We don't recommend reading this before your next cook-out.

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Orange Rosemary Chicken Kebabs - Don't Sweat The Recipe

Orange Rosemary Chicken Kebabs - Moist, tender, and deeply flavored chicken and vegetables! Perfect for grilling season. Did I mention they are low carb?!

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Lower Grilling Carcinogens by 99%

You can still enjoy summer barbecues and drastically reduce the level of grilling carcinogens in your meat by following a few science-backed tricks.

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Meathead Goldwyn walks us through the variables in time and temp, smoke and heat

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Low-Maintenance Fish Tacos recipe on Food52.com

Roasted fish is the key to zen fish tacos. By roasting, you can control the speed of cooking and keep the fish moist. Lost crunch from the frying can be made up for with pickled red onion (I usually make a huge batch and then use the leftovers for lunches

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Tips for the Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ!

Follow these tips and recipes from top pitmasters and a great Memorial Day barbecue is guaranteed.

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6 Desserts You Should Definitely Grill This Weekend!

Sweets do just as well on the grill as burgers. Here, six smoky, delicious desserts to make over Memorial Day weekend.
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