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‘Father’s Day is not the easiest time for all of us’ – Democrats send email offering an opt out on Father’s Day communications

Democrats send pandering email offering to allow subscribers to opt out of "triggering" Father's Day communications

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The 25 Best Movies About Dads to Watch on Father's Day

Father's Day is the perfect excuse to spend time on the couch with your number one guy as you enjoy the best movies about dads. The tales of these fictional fathers will make you laugh, cry, and feel thankful for your favorite guy. These are the best Fath

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43 Awesome Things To Do This Father's Day Weekend in L.A. (6-14-2019 to 6-16-2019)

This Father's Day weekend, from Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 16 features KTOWN Night Market, Fringe Festival, Taqueando, a Bread Festival at GCM, Pride on the Promenade, the Pasadena Chalk Festival, KCRW World Festival, and MUCH more.

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27 Unexpected Gifts Dad Won't Want To Return

Gift your dad at any budget this Father's Day, with one of these special options. Whether you have $13 or $130 to spend, you'll find the perfect gift here.

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23 personalized Father’s Day gifts that aren’t cheesy or overdone

Instead settling for cheesy, shop these personalized Father's Day gifts that are actually interesting and unique. Dad will love any one of them.

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Ben Shapiro: We need fathers to teach manliness | Opinion

Deprived of purpose, too many men turn to empty substitutes for true manliness: a macho culture that prizes sexual conquest or physical strength.

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Pick: Which TV dad do you think commands the most respect?

Vote for your favorite TV dad who gave the best advice.

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12 Things You Probably Don't Know About Father's Day | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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One-of-a-kind Father's Day Travel Experiences | Travel | The Manual

Upgrade your gift-giving skills this Father's Day with three badass, once-in-a-lifetime Father's Day travel experiences that Pops will never forget.

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48 Awesome Things to do This Father’s Day Weekend in L.A. [6-17-16 to 6-19-16] –

Los Angeles provides no limit of things to do, some awesome and some not so awesome. Since time is precious in this fast paced city, we decided to curate a list of things to do in Los Angeles every week end that’ll help you decide how you want to spend your limited supply of attention (not to mention dollars!).

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 21 Presents for 21 Types of Dad | WIRED

Your dad always insists he's a man who has everything. But really, that's just modesty.

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5 Budget Whiskeys to Buy Dad (And Recipes to Make Them Taste Great)

If you’re anything like me, you may be struggling to find a last-minute present for your dad. Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, and if your dad’s a bourbon lover, we can help.

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Father's Day Recipes That Will Knock Dad's Socks Off

The first Sunday in June is a day when many around the world stop to honor their fathers. Games of golf are scheduled, reservations at the shooting range are made, and hearty, meat-heavy meals are planned. We at Yahoo Food can’t help with tee times or t

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Things To Do On Father’s Day in Los Angeles

Here are 20 ideas with every kind of dad in mind. We hope you find the perfect one for the perfect Daddy in your life. Happy Father's Day!

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Life Without Father’s (or Mother’s) Day | Jlife

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7 Super-Easy Father's Day Brunch Recipes

Here, seven fast and simple dishes to make this weekend.
1. Spicy Honey-Glazed BaconThese addictive bacon...

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Luxury firm sells perfectly square ice cubes for $325

A company in California that makes ice cubes for celebrity events claims a bag of 50 ice cubes last longer and are healthier than the ones from a normal freezer.

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The 18 Best Experiences to Give Your Dad This Father’s Day

No matter if you're taking him to see his favorite baseball team for the millionth time or learning to make moonshine together for the first time --- father child bonding experiences are the bomb.