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Golda Meir would agree with Netanyahu on this one

Helen Mirren is a wonderful actress, but her claim that she understands Golda’s “world” or the contemporary debate about Israel’s Supreme Court is pure bunk.

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Non-Jewish Hellen Mirren claims Golda Meir would disagree with Netanyahu government

Controversy has surrounded the non-Jewish actress playing the legendary Jewish prime minister.

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UNPACKED: Golda Meir: The Girl from Milwaukee who Became Prime Minister

UNPACKED: Golda Meir: The Girl from Milwaukee who Became Prime Minister Best known for being Israel’s first (and only to date) female prime minister, Golda Meir, started life in Kiev before moving with her family to Milwaukee in 1906. After a quick stin

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An Unlikely Hero Emerges on the Battlefields of Ukraine — And She Made a Mean Chicken Soup

It turns out that Golda Meir’s Zionist writings, quips, and observations about how to conduct life under constant threat of war are passed around and widely quoted in Ukraine.

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Helen Mirren attacked on social media over Golda Meir role

The British actress, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, is under fire for accepting the role of Israel's first female Prime Minister.

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World will 'throw us to the dogs': Yom Kippur War papers reveal Golda's despair

48 years on, declassified papers show PM Meir feared abandon by int'l community: 'They don't like Jews, let alone weak Jews'; State Archive publishes 1,300 pages of transcripts