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Pakistani Tries to Run Over Jewish Students in NYC: 'Gonna Kill All the Jews!'

A Pakistani migrant is now accused of attempting to murder a group of Orthodox Jewish students outside of a Brooklyn school this week.

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CAIR Teaches Mosques How To Obtain Taxpayer-Funded Grants Meant To Protect Against Terrorist Attacks

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), known for its ties to the terrorist group Hamas, is teaching mosques and Islamic groups how to rake in taxpayer funds through a grant program aimed at protecting houses of worship against terrorist attacks

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How Muslims and westerners have spread the myth of Jewish-Arab coexistence

Muslims have long promoted myths about their harmonious relations with Jews that they allege had always prevailed in Arab lands. These myths strongly resemble those elaborated by elites in the American South about relations between whites and blacks. Both

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Some fears about Islam are entirely rational

Richard Dawkins on the perils of outlawing ‘Islamophobia’.

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The myth of ‘the Muslim world’

The Israel-Hamas War has exposed the danger of Islamic identity politics.

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We need to face up to the scale of the axis against Israel

There is onslaught against Israel and the Jews from an unholy alliance between extremist Muslims, the left and the political class, and we need to start taking the fight to them

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Muslim America’s antisemitism problem

American Jews, politicians and federal agencies must come together to counter a wave of racism.

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Mobs In Russia Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ Hunt Down Jews, Storm Airport After Flight From Israel Arrives

Large mobs in Russia yelling “Allahu Akbar” hunted down Jews in Dagestan on Sunday and stormed an airport, making their way onto the tarmac to attack Israelis who had just arrived from Tel Aviv, according to multiple reports.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Israel and its Arab Neighbors in Light of the Book of Genesis

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Israel and its Arab Neighbors in Light of the Book of Genesis Jews and Muslims consider the Bible to be a major source for teaching personal and national behavior. Unfortunately, Israeli Jews and their Muslim neighbors aren’t re

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Is the UK Turning into Something Extremely Different?

In 2013, British journalist Vincent Cooper wrote: "By the year 2050, in a mere 37 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation."

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Elder Of Ziyon - There was a single Muslim poem about Jerusalem written before 1967. It is about revenge against Crusaders.

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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So Many Muslims Are Crossing the Border That a Shelter for Muslim Migrants Has Opened in Tijuana

Border Report notes that “a shelter for Muslim migrants opened over the weekend in Tijuana, the first of its kind in Mexico.” This is no small-time effort.

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Biden is paving the way for a dangerous ideology

Democratic members of the US House of Representatives passed legislation last week to create a special envoy to combat Islamophobia worldwide. The bill was sponsored by Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, and her Jewish colleague Rep. Jan S

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Rami Dabbas – Is the problem in Islam or Muslims?

Rami Dabbas – Is the problem in Islam or Muslims? Renewal was the slogan of the European Renaissance, while the current slogan of the Islamic Renaissance is a return to the medieval ages and to Religious factors, that is, ignoring the present and wh

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Ancient Muslim Texts Confirm the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem | Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Jerusalem Center researcher Nadav Shragai responds to modern-day Muslim and Palestinian fabrications about the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem with the

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Elder Of Ziyon - Another video of Gulf Muslims being harassed by Palestinians at Al Aqsa

Palestinian Muslims are proud to share videos of them insulting their fellow Muslims at Al Aqsa when they happen to come from Gulf countries.

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Barry Shaw - Muslims can pray in Jerusalem. It's easy. Come in Peace.

Barry Shaw – Muslims can pray in Jerusalem. It’s easy. Come in Peace. I read an article in the London edition of the Al-Arab newspaper. It is always interesting from a strategic point of view to get a feeling of the mood of the Arab world and this

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My Journey From Pakistani Muslim to Jerusalemite Jew - Stories of Return

My parents were secular Muslims who respected their religion; we all prayed and observed the holidays and some of the fasts. I turned out to be the most religious of the four daughters

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Western Feminists AWOL in Supporting Abused and Dissident Muslim Women

Linda Sarsour. Photo: Festival of Faiths via Wikimedia Commons. Muslim and ex-Muslim feminists and dissidents have been risking torture and …

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The Most Important Lesson from the Horrendous Hebron Massacre of 1929

The Hebron massacre of 1929 decimated the oldest Jewish community in the Holyland of Israel, which existed in Israel since Second Temple times 2,000+ years ago!

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If this interview doesn't make Democrats concerned, nothing will

Do they realize what's happening?

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Brigitte Gabriel's brilliant answer about the peaceful Muslim majority

This is something everyone needs to hear!

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Explosive Undercover Report: Horrendous Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America

This is happening right under the noses of the American authorities, across the United States. This undercover investigation exposes the radical incitement.

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The NY Times blames airplanes for 9/11 instead of Muslim terrorists

This crossed a line that I didn't think could be crossed.

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Arabs threaten and beat Muslim woman as she stands up for Israel

They have repeatedly attacked Sara Zoabi, but she refuses to give up!

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The Media is Lying about Israeli Arab Parties and Israeli Democracy

Everywhere you turn, the headlines in mass media are celebrating the win of the joint Arab list in Israeli elections.

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Miss Iraq exposes CAIR's plan to destroy America!

She can see the truth, yet so many Americans can't!

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"Palestinian" Arab Woman Murdered by Her Family - Honor Killing Goes Viral

Muslim Woman Murdered by Her Family Finally Brings Focus to the Heinous Crime of Family Honor Killings in Muslim Society

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This Muslim let the truth slip out on live TV

Uh oh...

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The story you will NEVER hear about on the mainstream media

It would ruin the media's agenda to demonize Israel!

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Here’s A List Of All The Muslim Countries That Ban Jews

Fake news infected the body politic this week as liberals lost their minds over President Trump’s falsely-labeled “Muslim ban,” which bars refugees from seven high-risk Muslim majority countries (previously identified by President Obama’s own Department o

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Muslims Riot as Jews Peacefully Mourn the Destruction of the Temple

Israeli forces were needed to protect Jews peacefully walking around Jerusalem's Old City walls to commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem.

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Former Miss Iran: Ilhan Omar Has 'Anti-American' Agenda, Doesn't Represent All Muslims | Trending

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-Minn.) political views, saying she does not represent her "as a Muslim," which prompted Omar to respond. Idan, who has worked as an Iraqi translator for U.S. troops in the past, told Sara Ca

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One of the Most Dangerous Muslim Organizations in America

The AMP is one of the most dangerous American Muslim organizations in America. People better wake up.

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"Palestinian" Arab Muslims Attack Saudi Arabian Blogger on the Temple Mount for the Most Surprising Reason

Saudi Arabian blogger, Mohammed Saud, visited the Temple Mount for the first time in his life, as part of a special Arab media contingent.

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Someone wishes Jews a "Shabbat Shalom" from Kaaba in Mecca, Muslims freak

The IDF Arabic-language spokesperson Avichay Adraee tweeted an image from someone at Islam's holiest site, the Kabaa in Mecca, with a handwritten message wishing Jews a peaceful Sabbath, "Shabbat Shalom."

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Jews Defy Threats of Muslim Violence and March through the Old City of Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day

Every year, we celebrate the miracles of Jerusalem Day with a mass parade, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Feminists Couldn't Get Trans Out Of Public Schools, But Muslims Did

The parents' protests included pulling more than 600 Muslim children from school, and were incredibly effective. The LGBT lessons have stopped.

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WATCH: Muslim Doctor Stuns CNN: President Trump And GOP 'Beloved' In Much Of The Muslim World

On Saturday, a Muslim doctor who has been highly critical of radical Islam appeared on CNN and must have given that network heart palpitations as she insisted that in many parts of the Muslim world, not only is President Trump beloved, but so is former Pr

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Dems shouldn’t support anti-Israel Rep. Ilhan Omar – She doesn’t speak for me and other American Muslims

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a leading critic of Israel in Congress and pretends this has nothing to do with her feelings about the Jewish people.

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Sarah Zoabi - I am a Muslim Arab woman and I love Israel

Approximately 1.7 million Arabs live in Israel – which is more than 20 percent of the population. The vast majority of them are Muslims.Polls show that 55 percent of them call themselves “proud

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An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army | PragerU

Why would an Arab Muslim serve in the Israeli military? Because he, like many Israeli Arabs, proudly defend the nation that has given them freedom and opportunity. Mohammad Kabiya, Israeli Air Force reservist, shares his remarkable story.

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A Battle Over Prayer in Schools Tests Canada’s Multiculturalism

In a diverse Ontario community, Friday Prayer for Muslims has set off an uproar over religious accommodation in public schools.

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‘Clock Boy’ Lawsuit Against Conservative Pundits Dismissed, Father Forced to Pay Attorney’s Fees

The father of "clock boy" Ahmed Mohammed saw his lawsuit against conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and others dismissed Thursday and was ordered by the court to

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No, Muslim Refugees Are Not Jewish WWII Refugees. Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

In a desperately misguided attempt to placate the palpable fear of allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into United States without proper security screenings just days after an Islamic terrorist attack, several left-leaning media outlets have fallen back

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Egypt’s Christians Say They Are at a ‘Breaking Point’

While Imam Mahmoud Gomaa, appointed to keep the peace between two faiths, blames journalists for exaggerating the problem, a local bishop says, “We are at a breaking point.”

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A Growing Trend: Brave Muslim Zionists

Muslim Zionist Mahdi Satri: “After 3 years of violence against me after coming out publicly with my Zionism and I’m still the last man standing, standing against my village,”

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Trump was right, here's the video that proves Muslims celebrating 9/11 in America

Trump was right, here’s the video that proves Muslims celebrating 9/11 in America We better be vigilant, careful and strong… Watch: Share if you stand with Trump.

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Obama Administration Bans All Pork Products From Prison Menus

(CNSNews.com) - The federal Bureau of Prisons, a subdivision of President Barack Obama's Justice Department, has banished all pork products from the menus in all federal prisons, according to a report in the Washington Post.

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Video: Minneapolis Muslims prefer Sharia, want blasphemy laws in US

Note the unanimous opposition to the freedom of speech and support for criminalizing criticism of Islam — and even for murdering those who insult Muhammad.

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Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard, police say - CNN.com

Muslims trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat threw 12 fellow passengers overboard, killing them, because they were Christians, Italian police say.

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Muslim Students Demand that University Cancel Showings of ‘American Sniper’ | Top Right News

A Muslim student activist started the campus controversy when she declared showing the film on campus would make her feel “unsafe” and demanded an “apology and explanation” as to how and why the movie was even selected for Mizzou audiences.

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Imam Who Said Ayaan Hirsi Ali Deserved Death Penalty Was Hired By DOJ To Teach Muslim Classes To Federal Prisoners

An Egyptian-born imam who in 2007 said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should receive the death penalty for her criticism of Islam is now a Department of Justice contractor hired to teach classes to Muslims who are in federal prison.

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Media Hoax: 20 Muslims Holding Hands Become 1,000-Strong 'Ring of Peace' at Oslo Synagogue - Breitbart

The weekend’s feel-good story about a Muslim “ring of peace” formed to “protect” Jews at an Oslo synagogue turned out to be a complete fabrication by the mainstream media, according to an eyewitness report, local officials, and attendees' photos

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1,000 join Muslim 'ring of peace' outside Oslo synagogue | The Times of Israel

Gathering meant as gesture of solidarity following attacks; 'Jews and Muslims do not hate each other,' organizer says

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Revealed: Names of Seven American Muslim Leaders at White House ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry' Meeting - Breitbart

The White House still refuses to name the “American Muslim leaders” with whom President Obama met this week. However, a few are now known.

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Facebook Agrees To Block Material Critical Of Mohammed In Turkey

Though Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu joined world leaders in Paris just weeks ago in solidarity against Islamic extremism and in defense of the freedom of expression, the Islamist Turkey government has reportedly demanded that Facebook block user

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'Flags at half mast' order sparks furious public backlash

The reaction has been slammed by human rights organisations who said King Abdullah's rule saw regular public beheadings and floggings – and homosexuality punished by death.

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Journalist Denied Entry Into 'Stand With The Prophet' Conference in Texas

Watch Jesse Watters, who paid for a ticket and was credentialed, try to get into the "Stand With the Prophet" rally in Garland, Texas.  They freaking simply wouldn't let him in. So Watters, doing what he does, interviewed all sorts...

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Palestinian cartoons celebrate horrific Tel Aviv bus stabbings; Hamas praises, Netanyahu blasts enablers [photos]

On Wednesday morning in Israel, a knife-wielding Palestinian stabbed 10 people on a Tel Aviv bus. Hamas-linked cartoon jihadists took to social media to celebrate the attack. Here is a photo of the...

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New ISIS video appears to show child executioner killing alleged Russian spies | Fox News

A horrifying new video released online on Tuesday appears to show ISIS using a young boy to execute a pair of captives the terror group claims are Russian spies.

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Students FORCED To Wear Islamic Garb On School Outing, Parents IRATE

A Colorado school district has come under fire from parents in the community when a local middle school told girls that they will have to submit to sharia-

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French Muslims Claim “Shape Shifting” Jews Carried Out Paris Attack to Make Muslims Look Bad | FrontPage Magazine

80 percent of his students didn’t want to observe the moment of silence

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Nine days later, bodies still litter bushes from Boko Haram's 'deadliest' massacre - CNN.com

The scale of the attack -- the death of hundreds, possibly thousands -- defies belief.

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The Koran Does Not Forbid Images of the Prophet

In the wake of the massacre that took place in the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, I have been called upon as a scholar specializing in Islamic paintings of the Prophet to explain whether images of Muhammad are banned in Islam.

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10 Times Western Cowards Trashed Free Speech to Defend Islam - Breitbart

On Wednesday, Islamic terrorists murdered 12 people at the leftist French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, including the editor-in-chief and three cartoonists. The motivation was clear: the terrorists shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” during the attack and screa

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Islamic State: Yazidi girls kill themselves to escape rape - Telegraph

Women and girls from Iraq's Yazidi minority captured by Islamic State militants have been trafficked as sex slaves, forced into marriage and imprisoned

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Driver attacks pedestrians in French city, shouting 'God is great' in Arabic

A driver deliberately slammed his car into crowds around the city of Dijon in eastern France on Sunday.

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THREE DEAD IN BLOODY END TO SIEGE: Two hostages dead and Muslim gunman killed as police storm Sydney cafe

An Iranian-born gunman was killed, two of his hostages are dead and four injured after a dramatic and chaotic firefight brought an end to a terrorist siege at a Sydney cafe.

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Britain's Unrequited Love For Islam

Willing to be endlessly open and hospitable, Britain finds itself at a loss when that hospitality is neither respected nor returned. It is worth asking why British Muslims should have their scripture represented in the coronation of the new monarch, when

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The Nazi Romance With Islam Has Some Lessons for the United States – Tablet Magazine

Both Hitler and Himmler had a soft spot for Islam. Hitler several times fantasized that, if the Saracens had not been stopped at the Battle of Tours, Islam would have spread through the European continent—and that would have been a good thing, since “

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Washington Cathedral’s first Muslim prayer service interrupted by heckler - The Washington Post

The interfaith message by the nation’s most prominent Episcopal church sparked some criticism.

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Erdogan says Muslims, not Columbus, discovered Americas - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that the Americas were discovered by Muslims in the 12th century, nearly three centuries before Christopher Columbus set foot there. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher

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National Cathedral to Host First Muslim Prayer | NBC4 Washington

Washington National Cathedral is hosting a Muslim prayer service for the first time on Friday.

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: Use Any Way To Prevent Jews From Entering Temple Mount | Truth Revolt

The official Palestinian Authority TV channel produced and ran a short video of "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas calling for Palestinians to prevent "in any way" Jews from going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. 

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8-Year-Old Brings Home Nation of Islam Printout from Teacher's Desk | Truth Revolt

Controversy is brewing over why an 8-year-old student found a Nation of Islam printout on his teacher's desk.

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Report: ISIS Captures, Beheads Kurdish Female Fighter 'Rehana' in Kobane

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) reportedly beheaded a famous female Kurdish freedom fighter known only as

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ATTENTION: You Can’t Walk Your Dog in Islamic Areas. Muslims Don’t Like Dogs. – Dc Gazette

We have all seen by now the hypocrisy of Muslims expecting everyone else to cater to their religious beliefs, while refusing to be considerate of others.

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Islamic State recruiting women to 'have kids and cook' - LA Times

Months after declaring an Islamic caliphate, Islamic State , which has seized large swaths of Syria and Iraq, is seeking to address a need of any viable nation: women.

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Australian Feminist Writer: ‘Heterosexual Marriage Bigger Oppressor of Women Than Burka'

Catherine Deveny is an Australian writer and comedian who has previously written for the Australian daily “The Age” and the UK daily “The Guardian.”  She is also an outspoken atheist and feminist. Her strong left-wing viewpoints denouncing marria

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Saudi Woman Fined for Driving Herself to the HOSPITAL

A Saudi woman was pulled over by police, then fined, for driving while she was rushing herself to the hospital to receive treatment for a medical condition, a Saudi newspaper reported. Aliyah Al-Farid, a member of Saudi Arabia’s National Society for Hum

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WATCH: Egyptian academic demands Jews give back gold stolen during the Exodus

"We demand that they return the treasures they stole from us, including the interest they denied the Egyptian economy for many decades," political scientist tells Egyptian TV.

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U.S. Nets Join British Authorities in Hushing Muslim Sex Abuse Scandal

Imagine a sex scandal centered on a small area, involving decades of abuse, with hundreds of children raped, assaulted and prostituted. Authorities suspected or knew of the crimes but did nothing, preferring to protect the abusers than aid their victims o

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The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

Over the weekend, former President Jimmy Carter attended the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in Detroit. There, he assured Muslims that the “principles of Allah” were designed to “bring peace and justice to all.” ISNA’s ties t

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Terror-Supporting Islamist Finds 'Humor' in Saying '9-11, 7-7, 3-11' During Mic Check Before CNN Interview | NewsBusters

When last seen in coverage at NewsBusters, Anjem Choudary was sparring with Sean Hannity while claiming that ISIS atrocities are a Western "falsehood" and that one day Islamic Sharia will be implemented "in the whole world one day." Be

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Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain's Leading Child Welfare Charity

Among the more nauseating spectacles of the Rotherham child rape scandal has been the squirming evasion and shameless attempts at face-saving by the various authority figures whose job it supposedly was to prevent such horrors happening

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Saudi religious police beat up Brit | The Times of Israel

Long-time kingdom resident reportedly attacked for paying a female supermarket cashier.

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Racism fears let 1400 children in 1 town exploited by Muslim Sex ring

How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers from saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN ...

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Spanish imam: Allah, destroy all Jews | The Times of Israel

In Friday sermon, cleric says all Jews, Zionists are by nature treacherous and war-mongering and must be wiped out