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The positive vs negative tone of the media impacts mood and trauma

It's no surprise that the repeated viewing of grisly images can be emotionally harmful and exposure to media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings has ...

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'Eye for an eye': Survivors and officials react to Tsarnaev's death sentence

Government officials, police and survivors of the Boston bombing praised the jury for its work in the Tsarnaev trial. Many said it was time to move on.

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Tsarnaev sentenced to death for role in Boston Marathon bombing

BOSTON --Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death for his role in the Boston Marathon bombings and the further bloodshed that followed. The jury deliberated for 16 hours over parts of three days be...

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Tsarnaev guilty of all 30 counts in Boston bombing - CNN.com

Jurors in the Boston Marathon bombing trial have found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty of all 30 counts, including 17 that carry a possible penalty of death.

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UK Islamist Teachers Said Boston Bombings Were a Hoax

Teachers at the centre of an Islamist plot to take over British schools exchanged messages saying that the Boston Marathon bombings and the murder of soldier Lee Rigby were hoaxes.